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Ideas on inventive things to do with 1-year old?

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NapaCab Sun 21-Oct-12 06:33:55

I'm solo parenting for the next 3 weeks as DH is away on business and I'm struggling to think of things that my energetic 1-year old and I can do over that time to keep ourselves entertained, especially on weekends. We have no family nearby who can babysit or help out so it's going to be just the two of us and I want to make sure I get out of the house to stay sane.

So far my plans are:
- Hallowe'en party with mothers group, bringing our babies in costume
- Music class one morning a week
- Trip to soft play center with friend and her baby
- Usual trips to parks, library with DS - it gets lonely on my own though

In general I'm struggling to keep DS entertained these days as he has a lot of energy but isn't quite walking alone yet. He's not a toddler yet but has far more energy than any baby I've ever seen! He's still on 2 naps a day.

Would be grateful for any creative home-based or outside ideas?

paranoid2android Sun 21-Oct-12 06:44:05

Hmm let me think. Do you have a zoo or animal park near you ? I was amazed how long my dd was happy to sit in the buggy when she had animals and other kids to look at. The aquarium was the best for her. I empathize about the loneliness. I was like that for some of the first year, but making a couple stay at home mum friends had really changed that.
Is there anyone you could get chatting with or make friends with?
Any bookshops nearby with kids play area? Any other baby groups or classes you could take?
Three weeks is a long time - perhaps take a trip to see friends and relatives in another city ?

wonderfultykes Sun 21-Oct-12 06:44:10

Conkertition. Who can find the biggest smallest fattest roundest darkest flattest etc conker.

jetstar Sun 21-Oct-12 06:47:25

Have you got a local sure start centre? They usually have drop in type sessions and are friendly. Or your local NCT branch where there might be things going on?
For staying at home I would be tempted to buy a few 'emergency toys' to bring out when you are both getting fed up. Have you tried exploration basket type thingies where you put lots of different items (could be natural / household things etc) in a box / basket and let little one explore them?
If you like crafty/messy things then The Imagination Tree website has lots of ideas!
Good luck, my husband sometimes has to go away for a week at a time and I try to plan the time out to keep me and the DC's busy smile

NapaCab Sun 21-Oct-12 16:34:35

Thanks, guys - I'm in the US so no Sure Start or NCT but I am a member of my local mothers' group and they organize events, playdates etc like the Hallowe'en party they've planned. I go to as many things as I can - teething, naps, colds etc permitting...

He was into his exploration basket up until recently jetstar but now he's bored by simple items. I'd made one for him based on the imagination tree website's suggestions when he was around 8 months and added things in bit by bit but he doesn't bother with it anymore now.

I do have friends to meet up with but because of DS's two naps a day and the need for a babysitter if I go out in the evening, I'm very limited socially! I just am really running out of ideas for things to do with him. I've exhausted all the local stuff in my area, it seems and he isn't a toddler yet I can't take him to the next level with activities until he's walking. Even the music class I'm taking him to is really for 13 months+ i.e. toddlers but I'm desperate for something to do so am taking him anyway... what the heck do you do with active babies who can't walk yet??

jetstar Mon 22-Oct-12 08:38:26

Have you tried this website?

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