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help II have a biter

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babylily Fri 19-Oct-12 21:48:59

Ds is 13 months and still having 2 breast feeds a day. He has been growing a biting habit since the first tooth at 11 months and we have always pulled him away and given a strong no! But... I am now missing a big chunk of nipple where it all got a kit nasty the other night! He just grins and laughs when I take him off, if he is biting his sisters, or my leg, arm, or breast! Other 2 dc's never bit and I haven't read anything that has helped so far! Any ideas? Please? Before I am mutilated for life? I Planned feeding til 18 months but at this rate...:-# doesn't bite daddy tho!

SlightlySuperiorPeasant Sat 20-Oct-12 07:55:45

DS bit me - never took a chunk out though. As soon as he did it I:

- unlatched him
- looked him in the eye and said a firm 'No'
- put him down on the floor

He hated it and would wail loudly but I wouldn't pick him up until I'd mentally counted to 30.

I think the most important thing is not to give an exciting reaction - no 'OW!' or shrieking etc. DS used to bite and then grin up at me looking for my reaction. Once he stopped getting one and had a consequence he didn't like he stopped biting.

SlightlySuperiorPeasant Sat 20-Oct-12 07:56:38

P.S. we kept going until 16 months, at which point DS lost all interest grin

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