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21 month old DD testing me to the limits! Advice/Support please!

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WazzaWoo Fri 19-Oct-12 10:31:10

My 21 DD the last week has turned into a monster I am sure of it! Throwing things, not listening to ANYTHING! throwing massive tantrums. I am trying to remain calm and think this is just a phase but she is really pushing me.
I don't get any help so am with her 24/7 which I am finding a real struggle at the moment.
Anyone else going through the same? I would love to hear x

HeinousHecate Fri 19-Oct-12 11:15:12

I haven't been through it for a while grin - mine are 12 and 13, but having been through it, I can tell you to hold on in there! It does end. Eventually.

The best way to deal with it is to stay calm, you're doing the right thing! Don't get drawn into it. Just deal with things that need to be dealt with, ignore the tantrums, take things away if she's chucking them.

And load up on the wine grin

It's all going to be fine. xx

WitchesTit Fri 19-Oct-12 11:26:44

They are little mirrors at that age, eager to show you what they've learned. If you can try and be ultra chilled with her, and happy smily while still being firm she will reciprocate. Honest!

WitchesTit Fri 19-Oct-12 11:28:02

Ps I've a 21 month old ds3 and this method has worked with them all.

WazzaWoo Fri 19-Oct-12 16:45:11

Thank you all! Yes I am trying to stay happy/Calm!!
Henious - Wine may very well help!!!

BabydollsMum Fri 19-Oct-12 16:47:33

Snap. 20 month DD exactly the same. wine wine wine wine

WazzaWoo Fri 19-Oct-12 17:15:50

Oh good Babydolls! Drives you crazy doesnt it!! As she is my first I kept thinking it was my fault! x

BabydollsMum Fri 19-Oct-12 20:59:22

The terrible twos starts now I reckon. Time to leave the country...

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