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School trips and bedwetting

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2littlehorrors Wed 17-Oct-12 14:12:59

Hi, My 9 year old ds still wets the bed from time time and is going on a school trip next year for 5 days. He's a very deep sleeper and doesn't seem to be able to wake if he needs to wee, we get him up when we go to bed and this generally works but he still wets on average once a week (we've tried alarms etc in the past). Can anyone recommend any bedtime pants he can take on his trip to save the bed and any embarrassment?

AuntieStella Wed 17-Oct-12 14:19:37

I'm afraid I can't help with pants. But my DS was still wetting occasionally at that age. I went to see the teacher running the trip well beforehand to warn her, and to request that when grouping the boys for rooms she would take the possibility of a wet bed into account and put him if at all possible with the boys least likely to tease him or broadcast the event. She was totally matter-of-fact about it: it's really common for them to deal with wetters, and she said it was much better from her point of view to be warned than to find out.

Beanypip Wed 17-Oct-12 18:24:18

I used to wet the bed at that age as was such a heavy sleeper it just didn't wake me at all neither did any alarms etc. my mum went to speak to the teacher before the school trip and took a mattress protector in. The teacher gave it to the youth hostel (it was 15 years ago!) and they discretely put it on a bed and made sure I was given that one. In the morning the teacher came and asked me if I was wet before everyone woke up as she was going to take me to get washed before the rest woke up. As it happens because of all the snoring I kept waking up so was ok to go to the loo! Maybe it will be the same for you Ds but I would speak to the teacher and maybe ask then to put a protector on the bed. If they are going somewhere where kids normally go with schools they will more than Likely have them anyway. X

AnneElliott Wed 17-Oct-12 18:27:38

You can get something called pajamas pants by Huggies that you up to age 15 years. Tesco sell them. He could be discreet about disposing of them and then no-one would know.

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