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My 18month old son is so clingy! HELP x

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malibulucy Tue 16-Oct-12 23:48:49

my son is 18 months. I live with my partner, 6yr old daughter & 18m son. partner works nights so sleeps most of the day when my daughters at school. so just me & my son all day. even when daddys up & sisters home from school if i leave the room he tantrums or follows. i cant even get up to put the kettle on without him attatched to my leg. If i go toilet he has to come as too young to be on his own. i dont want to shut him off so he feels i left him or i dont care but i need to be able to atleast wander round the house when my partners there without my son noticing! it can be so draining x

any advice?

dappleton Wed 17-Oct-12 09:33:29

can you distract his attention with a game (or even TV) then once he's playing say 'mummy will be back in a minute' then literally walk away and return after a couple of seconds i.e. walk out of the room then back into the room then go back to playing with him. Gradually increase the time you are away but always return before he comes to find you.
This seems to work fairly well with my 18mo. We're upto about 5min now - long enough to make a cup of tea! smile

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