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Co sleeping 6 weeks

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Penny2012 Tue 16-Oct-12 16:12:45

I am currently sleeping on the couch with my baby - before anyone starts, the style of the couch and the way I organise it means that I am happy with the safety of this. The reason that we're doing this is because I can breastfeed him lying down and go to sleep myself. He snuggles into my boob and then stays there. I can move him awkwardly to Moses basket but he invariably wakes up and cries. If I lift him back to me he settles straight away.

I keep reading suggestions of bedtime routines. The thing everyone mentions is a bath. My baby's bath is a washing up bowl which he spends 45 seconds in then cries lots when he gets out as he's cold and wet. Is this really a good idea to settle him before bed?! Do I need to invest in a baby bath? He does like the warm water.

Obviously this cosleeping can't last forever but at the moment I enjoy it and so does he. It means we're both sleeping all night and can enjoy the day. I'm worried about starting bad habits that can't be broken. How am I ever going to get him to learn to sleep on his own or settle himself?

I'm a first time mum

Flisspaps Tue 16-Oct-12 16:16:28

Don't worry about habits or routines yet.

DS is 6m, co sleeps, can't self settle and has a bath every few days with 2yo DD.

I'd not really think about a routine until at least 4m. Even now, DS's regular 'bedtime routine' involves getting his pyjamas on at 6.30pm, having a feed and then being put into his pram (asleep) - until he wakes up at 10pm for a feed and bed!

If what you're doing works for you right now, stick with it. 6w is tiny smile

GailTheGoldfish Tue 16-Oct-12 16:18:04

You're doing something that you both like and it's working, so don't put pressure on yourself to change it just for the sake of it. Six weeks is still so tiny! Sleep habits change over time and in a few weeks he might want to do something different anyway.

Flisspaps Tue 16-Oct-12 16:18:56

And no, you don't need a baby bath. The sink is fine, the normal bath is fine. You can get a seat for the bath though (not essential) which lasts until they can sit themselves up and saves your arms if you have a huge lump of a baby like me.

NeedlesCuties Tue 16-Oct-12 17:46:19

DS is almost 3 years old and he has never found the bath made him sleepy for bed... I always bath him during the day, usually twice, 3 times a week.

With him I tried to follow all the advice, and just wondered if my baby was odd...

Now I have DD (who is also 6 weeks old!) I just go with the flow and follow her lead.

What you said about co-sleeping rings very true for me, that's what I do too, although I don't sleep on sofa, I sleep in bed.

Your child will learn routines in time, as likely you'll start to want to have more routine, esp when the night feeds lessen/stop.

Enjoy this lovely time of snuggles!

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