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Baby not sleeping tonight

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SeptMummy Fri 12-Oct-12 22:54:34

My one year old has a nasty cold and I just can't settle him tonight. He's fallen asleep easily today and tonight it's just not happening.... he's had many colds before, although taken longer to settle at betime, I've never experienced this before! He's was so knackered we did early milk & bed at 630, slept for half an hour, woke, cuddled, rocked put down again, good for 20mins, then up crying & wailing, brought downstairs, distracted, then gave dose of nurofen at 9 (had cal pol at 430) settled for 30-40mins, thought I cracked it, then been awake since then (930) been cuddling/rocking, he & I are shattered, but him in cot and still moaning at, Anything else I can do?

Halfcups Fri 12-Oct-12 23:14:04

Hi there. My three are all winter born babies and seem to spend every birthday with streaming colds! I don t think there's any magic cure here(sadly). I used to use junior olbas for stuffy noses. Sometimes would run a bath for them to relax in and inhale the steam, often late at night if they could nt sleep. When my daughter was particularly congested my GP suggested she sleep in her bouncy chair to keep her propped up for a night or two. She was only about 4 months then so considerably younger than your son so might not be an option. I always tuck mine in bed with me when they re poorly. The extra comfort helps them rest. Do you have any essential oils you could drop into olive oil and massage into his chest and back? The massage alone could help settle him. Lots of fluids and keep up with the calpol and nurofen dosing. It works! Ah poor little sausage, colds are miserable. Good luck x

Titchyboomboom Fri 12-Oct-12 23:17:01

Oh god, poor you! Can you sleep in there with him for one night? Air bed? God knows, not sure there is anything you can do if he is poorly... could it be ear ache or something?

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