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Treating nappy thrush - PERSISTENT THRUSH

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flapjackaddict Thu 11-Oct-12 22:09:28


Has anyone had experience of persistent nappy area thrush? My DS has had it since birth. He also had oral thrush. We finally kicked oral thrush but not nappy thrush. It comes back all time. This time so bad he is crying all day with pain and discomfort. I have tried Calpol twice when doctor suggested but I don't know if it makes a diff to his pain.

I have used Daktarin cream in the past which has always worked to get rid of it even though is comes back but this time it's not working.

Has anyone else had this problem? Did changing diet work? He is breastfed and 12 weeks old. He has had this since he was 2 weeks. I initially thought it was nappy rash but nothing I was putting on him was working. Then discovered it was thrush. Since then its been a constant battle.


thingamajig Thu 11-Oct-12 22:19:46

Thrush is a bit of a bugger to get rid of, wherever it happens. Have you tried Canesten (clotrimazole) cream. It can take a while, but smear a bit on three times a day or maybe every nappy change, and it should go eventually. I tend to use a barrier cream over the top as well - Metanium is good and can be got from the GP aswell as in shops. Keep doing this for weeks/months - after the rash is gone.
Being BF, he is unlikely to be affected by his diet. Use plain water and aqueous cream to bathe/cleanse him - no soap or wipes (always worth excluding as a cause). Do as much nappy free time as possible; fungal things love warm, dark, damp places. Sorry he is in such pain, its horrid when they are like this.

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