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Short baby due to lack of sleep?

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Thaleia Fri 05-Oct-12 09:36:57

I just read an article that growth hormons are only released during sleep - the longer the better. Might it be that my DC is on the shorter side of the chart because he's such a bad sleeper, waking 3 times at night?

I wonder if he catches up when he's a teenager ....

Pochemuchka Sun 07-Oct-12 07:37:25

DD was a terrible sleeper. She didn't sleep through for the first time until she was 22 months old. She's 3 but as tall as most 5 year olds.
DS is a brilliant sleeper - slept through at 2 weeks - and is only slightly above average in height.

My brother didn't sleep through until he was 7 (!!) and is 6'3

50smellsofshite Sun 07-Oct-12 07:49:05

I have 2 mutant children -99th centile . Bad sleepers.
I have one average child- 50th centile. Good sleep.

Also other families I know this doesn't follow.

hazeyjane Sun 07-Oct-12 07:55:39

dd1 6- awful sleeper (asthma, reflux, sleepwalker, night terrors) 9th centile

dd2 5- good sleeper (apart from when her asthma and eczema play up) - 2nd centile

ds 2.3 - awful sleeper (sn, reflux) 0.2nd centile

so far they are the only short bad sleepers, or it could be because dh and I are shortarses from a long line of shortarses!

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