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4 yr old anxiety

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roosar Thu 04-Oct-12 10:52:40

i need help/ advice, my 4 yr old daughter is displayin anxiety issues, she cries everyday i drop her off at school, she says she just will cry until she gets me. she is very nervous and refuses to join in with other children and wants me to be by her all the time, she also wont stay the whiole night in her bed, it is making life very difficult.
really need suggestions to help her because i dont know where to start

Louisthelostcat Thu 04-Oct-12 11:26:48

From experience of an anxious clingy dd (now 8) I would say FWIW - don't assume it is something at school she is worried about (although it could be). Worries about home and parents can cause separation anxiety.

This might not help at all for your DD but I had a lot of success with bombarding dd1 with affection and attention for a bit. I spent a week virtually carrying her around at one point when she was seven (not always possible I know). During this time I never let go a hug before she did. It was what she needed and her confidence shot up. Every now and then I have to do it again. It is a bit like the Oliver James love-bombing technique.

All sounds a bit new age hippy nonsense I know - but it does work for us.

And it is only in the last year that she has stopped sneaking into my bed at night - but she has stopped. Console yourself with the thought your DD won't be doing it when she is 16.

kavumkal2008 Sun 07-Oct-12 19:05:02

hi my son is 4 yr old just started reception, within one week i got complaint from the teacher that he is putting all toys in his pocket and keeping for himself, and fight with other kids. is it normal in this age

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