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how has your child's behavious changed when first started pre school/nursery?

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workingonitagain Wed 03-Oct-12 19:20:18

ds1 just turned 3 and started pre school 2 mornings a week a couple of weeks ago, he seems to really like it as has no problems. have to add that all his life we've been going to loads of playgroups so he's used to all that enviroment.
he's always been quite rebellious but i can say for definite that in the last couple of weeks his behaviour has got a lot more naughty and have to say i find him quite nasty and feel a bit upset as it seems that my little cute boy has completely disappeared! sad
i wonder if he is just testing the boundaries (even more than usual) but right now im a bit worried as thinking if this is what 2 morning a week has done, what is going to happen when he goes full time??? confused

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