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Getting organized - useful present requests for a 5 month old girl?

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wibblewibble Mon 01-Oct-12 09:31:26

My first DD will be 5 months at Christmas and already family are asking what she would like. Hate making suggestions but keen to not end up with things that she'll never use/wear. Any good pressie recommends?? Thanks

ceeveebee Mon 01-Oct-12 10:05:46

Jumperoo for generous buyers!
Tomy hide and squeak eggs
Musical things like wave drum, rainmaker, maracas
Music cd
Stacking cups

wibblewibble Mon 01-Oct-12 10:11:04

Thanks. Is there any "equipment" we'll need? Thinking about the doting GPs!

ZuleikaD Mon 01-Oct-12 12:37:16

Tripp-trapp high chair - very sturdy, attractive, ergonomically ideal and lasts until they leave home (because it grows with them).
Bike seat (for a bit older)- the Weeride's not bad.
Push along trolley with bricks - it'll be a while till she's pushing but the inclusion of the bricks means they have quite a long lifespan.

DeWe Mon 01-Oct-12 13:43:17

Small paddling pool,
Sun tent (for sitting in the garden/beach)
Push along toys
Books "That's not my XXX" go down well at that age
Stroller if you've a large buggy
Fold up highchair (you used to be able to get them from mothercare for travel)
Bath toys

MillionPramMiles Tue 02-Oct-12 16:07:29

Echo all the above. Also if there are baby classes that you want to take dd to eg Gymboree, monkey music etc they could buy a term of those?

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