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11 month old constant screaming when out!

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pilotsprincess Mon 01-Oct-12 09:09:30

My dd has never been a big fan of the pushchair and car seat but recently it's become worse than ever, now at the point where it really isn't worth the hassle of me going out alone with her. She starts having tantrums as soon as she sees the pram and straightens her legs when I'm trying to get her in it. The screaming starts about 10 mins in and she won't stop unless I get her out, give her a snack or my mobile etc and then she will start yelling again.
It's really getting me down now, I've tried different prams do its not that she's uncomfy, I also try to take her out every day, it gets better for a few days but now it's been bad for about a month.
Also she won't nap anywhere but her cot and she has 2 naps a day do if I take her out when it's getting near nap time, the crying is just unbearable. I have persisted in getting her to nap in the pram but it's taking 40 mins of screaming and me pushing the pram really fast, I feel abit embarrassed when out and this is happening.
She still doesn't sleep through and spends all day really frustrated at trying to walk, if I move out of her sight for a minute she screams and throws her self face down on the floor.. I suppose I'd quite like someone to tell me this gets better as at the min I feel I'm doing something wrong as she is hardly ever happy. I love her do much she's do gorgeous I just want to enjoy my time with her.. Could it possibly be time to drop a nap? Will she ever accept her pushchair?!

Iggly Mon 01-Oct-12 10:31:54

Sounds like she's tired when you're putting her in the pushchair, hence the

Can you get her a special toy or something just for that? And if it is nap time, get a snooze shade which blocks her view and walk by a busy road so she sleeps. there's no way my dd will sleep without a fight if she can see lots.

My DD does the arching and shouting thing but I will give her a snack or something every time we're out.

Alternatively try a decent baby carrier for outings. Like a manduca or ergo.

pilotsprincess Mon 01-Oct-12 19:10:58

Thankyou I am trying to get her used to a certain comforter, hadn't even thought of a shade I will definitely be trying that smile

Cupcakemummy85 Mon 01-Oct-12 20:14:03

Hi there, first let me say I totally know how u feel. Poor u sad a few suggestions. My daughter really hates long amounts of time in her pram so we bought a little trike with a handle that u push them around with. It's something different and fun and they don't feel as though they are in a pram. Also my dd won't sit still in her pram like she used to when she was younger ( no more calm coffee mornings with my friends lol) so I take her out to places that I know have a play area like my local garden Ctre. On the nap front I'm still figuring it out I'm afraid so I'm not much help their!! :s I hope the tips kinda helped smile

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