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My 4 year old is biting other children

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pooch338 Fri 28-Sep-12 17:48:52

Hi. I have a daughter (4 years & 4 months old) She is in her 3rd week of reception class at school. We had a problem with her biting on a weekly basis at pre-school about a year ago, but it seemed to have ended some time ago and I thought she had 'grown out of it' Last week I was called in to the Teacher as my daughter had biten another child after he snatched a toy from her during break. The teacher explained to her this was very serious and I spoke sternly to her and she was told if it happened again she would loose her favorite toy. Today I was again called in as my daughter had bitten another child who would not let her sit next to them. This time the deputy head was informed and she was stopped from joining in afternoon fun activities. I again explained how unexceptable this behaviour was and that said toy was thrown in the outside bin (so she knows she will not get it back) My daughter was distraught, but she always is following the punishment and with how upset I get. I feel that as she bites in anger she is so 'in the moment' that she dosent have a chance to think of the consequences, therefore how can I stop this! She does not bite randomly or all the time and she is a very bright, friendly, loving, and popular child most of the time, but she does have trouble controling her anger. I am at a loss as to what else I can do. I am terrified she will be expeled from primary school! I would appreciate any advice.

cashmere Fri 28-Sep-12 18:31:43

Really not sure but my Mum taught reception for years and said biting is not uncommon.
My Mum said she would keep these kids next to her at carpet time- right next to her so she could keep an eye out.
What strategies did pre school use?

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