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The challenging 22nd month - clinginess, refusing a nap and climbing out of cot

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wholovesyou Fri 28-Sep-12 12:57:50

My DS is now 22 months, and has changed overnight. He is suddenly very clingy. He wont let Daddy or Nanny read him his bedtime story, he doesn't want to hold anyone's hand but mine and every loud noise has him clawing at me. A lovely old man with no teeth smiled at him yesterday and he nearly pulled my hair out with fear! (Although that one was a bit amusing actually blush) He is very independent at other times, he doesn't seem to need me at all at baby groups or if we are at the library he will browse the shelves or find himself a computer and sit happily. I reassure him all the time, and he is very good around other people but only when he feels like it. He has just become a complete mummys boy! I'm putting it down to fussiness from teeth pain. Any tips would be great.

He has started refusing to nap, which I'm putting down to a fight for independence. I've continued to lay him down at the same time as his nap, even just to have some quite laying down time.

Just now I heard a loud thump and a scream, he'd climbed out of his cot looking for 'Bear'. I stayed calm (even though I was shaking) cuddled him till he stopped crying, got him a bear and I've put him back in with a large bean bag around the cot.

What to do? Big boy bed? Would that encourage the no-napping or give him a bit of the independence he craves? Is this 'fussiness plus the lack of napping' a normal phase?!

wholovesyou Fri 28-Sep-12 13:21:28

I've been thinking... socks. That will stop his grippy little feet being able to climb the bars. That has to be worth a try!

matana Fri 28-Sep-12 14:09:00

How is he without a nap? Does he get over-tired and crabby, or do you think he might be one of the few who is ready to give it up at that age?

I think if he's climbing out of the cot i'd be tempted to move him into a bed instead, though i don't think i'd do this until i'd cracked the whole nap issue (providing he still needs one). DS is same age. All the behaviour is totally normal and actually quite cute and interesting - it shows their increasing independence but not ready to go it alone just yet (hence the weird "i need you/ i don't need you" behaviour). I think DS is ready for a big bed now. He loves his sleep and always knows when he's tired so doesn't resist naps. The only reason i haven't yet converted his cot into a bed is because my DH reckons the transition won't be easy and we'll get woken up by DS peering at us at 5am. I don't think this will happen, but have compromised and said DS will go into his big bed when he turns 2.

wholovesyou Fri 28-Sep-12 21:56:54

Without the nap I have to put him down at 6pm because he gets so tired. He definitely needs it. He just lays in there making his toys chat to each other (v sweet). I was tempted to take the toys out but he only has 3 small teddies and he cuddles them to sleep. I'm hoping that if I just keep up the old routine it will fall back into place. He was so good before, like clockwork.

I checked and it said now was a time for fears to emerge so I wonder if perhaps that is why he's feeling a bit sensitive at the moment. He gets very upset at loud noises and if other children are crying. Oh and everything is 'MINE' of course so there are tantrums from that.

I think you are right, it might be time for a big boy bed. I might try once we have settled into our new house next month, provided the nap issue resolves itself! Surely he is too young to drop it? I hope so, how will I ever get any housework done again!


smellsofsick Thu 04-Oct-12 20:32:33

I'm really sorry, I don't have any advice but just wanted to empathise you and the whole 22 month fear of every, bloody thing. It drives me crazy.

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