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Bullying advice pls re 7/8 year olds

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booitsme Thu 27-Sep-12 17:27:50

My son has a boy in his class who has been bullied for some time. I think the boy may have ADHD or similar but has not been diagnosed. He is loud, talks nineteen to the dozen, gets over excited... A real target for bullying. The bullying has got physical with 3 on 1 recently and others not stepping in but encouraging the behaviour. It is heart breaking. The mum has tried to encourage a friendship with my son as he is shy and kind. My son is happy to play with him. However, his other friends won't let the boy join in and when they play alone, the friends and some of the bullies, come over and tell him not to play with the boy. Today they even pushed my son away from him and frogmarched him off. The boy only wants to play with my son (understandable) and he too tries to push him around a little bit. My son said his head hurts from the stress!

I will encourage my son to continue to show kindness to the boy. I am also thinking of speaking to the teacher and saying how I feel bad for this boy because others won't let him join in.... Can they have a word with the boys who aren't bullying him about showing him some kindness. What do you think? I don't want to make my son a target for bullying too but I would never stop encouraging him to be kind to him.


Tobagostreet Thu 27-Sep-12 17:44:33

Your son sounds like a lovely boy.

What a difficult situation for such a young boy to be in the middle of.

I would speak directly to the school - this type of behaviour should be dealt with at daily 'circle time' where the kids are encouraged to discuss problems with each other openly. Also the playground staff should be aware and monitoring the situation (stopping any roughness, actively starting group games everyone can join in with).

I assume the other boys mum has been to the school to discuss his bullying - and if you go too, it makes much more of an onus on them to take remedial action.

Good luck.

mommybunny Thu 27-Sep-12 17:55:50

It is a heartbreaking situation. I agree with tobagostreet, talk to the school. Your son is now being bullied too if he is being "frogmarched" away from a boy he is playing with. Good luck.

booitsme Thu 27-Sep-12 18:01:18

Thank you Tobagostreet

I do feel proud of him that despite being so shy, he knows that the way this boy is being treated is very wrong and is trying to help him.

I will gO in tomorrow and speak to the teacher. I have been quite shocked by the heads attitude. Last term she basically told the mum that the boy brings much of it on himself as he is so annoying! I'm honestly not kidding! Unfortunate the mum makes the situation a million times worse, she is very neurotic, although she has good reason to be worried and upset now.

booitsme Thu 27-Sep-12 18:03:24

Thanks mommybunny. I do feel bad I have put my son in the line of fire.. But how could anyone tell their son not to get involved, when he seems to be the only friend the boy has?

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