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'itchy' 5 year old?!

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poachedeggs Wed 26-Sep-12 06:23:28

He's waking at 5am and has been for weeks. He comes into our bed and can't lie still, twitching and fidgeting constantly. I can feel his little legs jerking all the time. He's exhausted and I'm beyond fed up. He says he's itchy. His skin appears totally normal. Any ideas? !

dishwashingdoll Wed 26-Sep-12 06:35:52

Is there any underlying stress he may be picking up? Have you changed your wahing powder? My son sometimes sas his ummy is sore when he wants some attention he goes the full way and pretends he's got a pain. Somtimes childen need reassurance that you love them, they see whenyou get annoyed at them and they think they re unloved, maybe he needs your attention to something bu he doesn't quite know what it is himself.

dishwashingdoll Wed 26-Sep-12 06:37:23

sorry my laptop is forever missing letters!

Viewofthehills Wed 26-Sep-12 06:44:09

Well I remember being like that as a child with an allergy to sunlight.
Totally invisible, nothing to see, but absolutely maddening. It was years before I found out such a thing existed and that it wasn't just me. I also get like that if I wear clothes without washing them first, especially pajamas.Where does he say itches?

I would try an anti-histamine to see if it helps- that would suggest an allergy of some sort.

Have you changed your washing powder or has the manufacturer changed the formula? Is your machine rinsing properly?
Perhaps try a double rinse/extra water or reduce powder etc.

Hope you get to the bottom of it.

whyme2 Wed 26-Sep-12 06:59:17

We had a similar problem with our dd - it turned out she was allergic to the nits in her hair! She was insistent the itching was on her arms and legs and sometimes had hives on her arms and legs. It was only after a week of this that I discovered the nits. Anti histamine and nit combing did the trick!

purplesunflower Wed 26-Sep-12 10:26:58

My 6 year old can be like this. He is allergic to a lot of things and often come out in unexplained hives. He also gets hives if he is hot and is running around a lot at school. We now give him antihistamine about 3 x per week as a precaution to keep everything under control and it seems to do the trick.

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