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Toddler frustrated when not out being busy(playgroups etc)

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Littleraysofsunshine Tue 25-Sep-12 11:55:56

We so playgroups 3 days a week. On the days we don't I try to get the mundane tasks done like washing, food shop. Or just simply be at home.

Dd sometimes loves this but then also has her days where it's as if she's fed up of being at home. I put out fun things to do and sit with her too. But when I'm trying to get stuff done she either gets into everything she's not allowed or moans, some weeks I can't get out every single day.

Pascha Tue 25-Sep-12 12:05:36

Wearing isn't it? I try to have even just half an hour out somewhere early morning or after lunch to break DS's cycle of destruction if I'm not playing with him. Even if its raining. Its not always possible but the day always goes better if I can do it.

TittyWhistles Tue 25-Sep-12 12:53:59

How old? I give ds who is 20 months, little tasks to do if we can't get out and about. Emptying the kitchen cupboards and filling them again. 'folding' the laundry, wiping the cat, rearranging the bookshelves, anything really, but he is quite a self-sufficient little boy who enjoys just pottering around.

We've never been to play groups though. I think they can give children the expectation that they must be entertained all the time.

derekthehamster Tue 25-Sep-12 12:55:56

My eldest was like this. We had to go out 'somewhere' every day. We went tpo the park in all weathers!

My second was a total homebody though. It gets easier.

notso Tue 25-Sep-12 13:13:43

Some DC need entertaining all the time though TittyWhistles.
My first two were similar to your DS and happy to potter, DS2 is totally different, he is either charging round or he's sleeping there is no middle ground.
I'd be at playgroup everyday but DS3 gets ratty with the noise.

mum4041 Tue 25-Sep-12 13:42:58

We had to go out somewhere every day. Even if just to the park or the library otherwise she'd be climbing the walls. It's easier once they start pre-school and they get it out of their system there.

Now mine's 7 she's more than happy to stay in.

AngelDog Tue 25-Sep-12 19:38:17

We have to go out every morning despite 2.8 y.o. DS being happy pottering around the house for most of his life. If I need time at home doing jobs I try to go out for half an hour first, or it's hard work!

Littleraysofsunshine Tue 25-Sep-12 20:21:55

most days at home she'll be a gem and entertain herself . Play nicely with her toys and play gently with dd2. It's just those odd days when she just gets a bit fed up of being at home. Probably doesn't help that I actually start to feel worse for it too, and she might sense it off of me. is amazing inspiration, and we do these activities but some days I run out of time (the tackle the washing/ washing up/ hoovering etc ) days.....

haloflo Wed 26-Sep-12 19:22:47

My 18 month old is the same. i get given my shoes at 8am sometimes! i find though it can be just a trip to the postbox or corner shop. It doesn't have to be a group. Maybe I bring it on myself but the time flies when we are out. I hope she outgrows it as it can be very wearing!

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