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3.5 yr old whinging and crying

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Afsana1 Sun 23-Sep-12 10:21:07

I am in tears as I am writing this as my 3.5yr old is driving me crazy! He whines and crys about everything I have just had enough and I can't take anymore. I have even thought about leaving because I am so physically and emotianally tired. Any advice would be appreciated cxx

Rockchick1984 Sun 23-Sep-12 11:58:11

Didn't want your post to go unanswered. <<hugs>> for you, is there something in particular that's causing him to be like that? Do you have much support from DP or family? Do you work, or are you a SAHM? I'm presuming your son is at nursery due to his age, do you use that time to allow yourself to relax?

Valdeeves Sat 29-Sep-12 09:07:41

And mine - it's exhausting mentally isn't it?
Try laughing him out of it by doing something silly. I've tried EVERYTHING and that and being firm at the same time seem to work.

Stellarella123 Sat 29-Sep-12 09:23:50

Aw it's a horrible stage they go through but it will pass, I used to say to my dd " I don't know what your saying when your whining , speak properly, even though i could understand, It will pass , I have memories of being in the kitchen eating biscuits and cakes trying to make myself feel better during the whines!

MrTumblesCrackWhore Sat 29-Sep-12 19:52:53

It doesn't always work but I say to my (ridiculously whiney and over the top drama queen) ds that it's ok to whine but you have to go to the bedroom/living room/whichever happens to be the furthest away. I also try and pre-empt the whining but putting out a snack box and two beakers of juice so the hunger thing doesn't contribute.

I also found that giving him fish oil vitamins helped a little. Sometimes they're not aware they have a low level illness - and this may affect mood.

The only other thing is easier said than done - develop cloth ears yourself. It used to really stress me, all the whining, but when I'm feeling strong, I just try and pretend I can't hear it. He sometimes cranks it up, but mostly he stops.

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