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Typical 3.5 yo behavior or something more serious?

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ShirtRipper Fri 21-Sep-12 21:27:22

My child is intelligent and very vocal, However he has serious tantrums, we try our hardest to help him express what he wants and feels but a lot of the time he gets so frustrated and angry that he lashes out. He has been a headbanger since 13months and still does this now. Recently he has taken to punching and kicking and also biting himself and others, which we don't tolerate at all.

We normally deal with this by holding him so he is safe, and so he can't injure himself or anyone else. We try to calm him and soothe him, which can take over an hour at times. When he has calmed down we hug and discuss why biting/ kicking/ hitting is wrong and he apologizes willingly.

He isn't around violence, doesn't see any on tv at all and I really don't know why he is like this. It's come to the point where either myself or dp are constantly helicoptering him in order to avoid him hurting his brother or breaking things. He recently broke our lcd tv and has broken phones, toys and furniture. Nursery staff say he is fine whilst there, which I personally don't believe.

Anyone had similar issues? Any advice would be greatly received.

roopickles Fri 21-Sep-12 21:40:59

Hi , my dd is 2.5 and just starting really awful tantrums, just the other day she clawed a chunk out of me! I wouldn't worry children change on a daily basis and as long as you are consistent with his behavior it Will pass imo.

I used to work in a pre school setting and honestly the amount of parents that said their kids were devils shocked me as they were angels when there!

If you are worried maybe give it a few months, kids change like the wind, imo its a stage, good luck x

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