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10 week old terrible daytime sleeper....anyone experienced this?

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lourobert Thu 20-Sep-12 16:55:34

My dd finds it so difficult to sleep during the day even though shes desperately tired. She wants to be held constantly and when you put her down she wakes up. Poor thing gets so cross as she wants to sleep but cant.

Has anyone got any experience of this and has anything helped at all, at night shes not too bad so its during the day that I need to help her. Im hoping she'll grow into sleeping more soundly during the day?? Is this possible or is this just her and the way she is???

belindarose Thu 20-Sep-12 16:58:29

My DS is 11 weeks and screamed half the day yesterday and today for that very reason. He usually sleeps well in a sling, but hasn't so well this week. He hates the car and stays awake screaming. Doesn't feed to sleep in the day.

So no advice, but sympathy. Hoping you get some good advice I can steal!

belindarose Thu 20-Sep-12 16:58:57

I do advise a good sling if you haven't tried one.

rhetorician Thu 20-Sep-12 16:59:01

yes, we used white noise and various other sleep cues. She was never a great napper I'm sorry to say - gave them up completely at about 16 months. However, on the upside she is a very good sleeper now at 3.7 and has been really for a good while...but try taking her in buggy? or the car. Really, whatever gets you through!

Mandinga79 Thu 20-Sep-12 17:01:09

After much trial and error, I can eke out a dayt

lourobert Thu 20-Sep-12 17:06:53

She hates the buggy and will fall asleep in car seat after a long while. sling is usually the most effective but not worked today. I think shes a girl with too much to say to sleep.

Of course it would be lovely to get a bit of time during day to catch u on things but I just see hoe tired she looks and feel for her!

will try a white noise cd!!

heymammy Thu 20-Sep-12 17:07:22

I'm afraid ds is now 5 1/2 months and is still a crappy napper.

He wants to feed to sleep every time but then I'm often stuck with him in my arms. If I put him down it's very hit and miss whether or not he will stay asleep e.g. He woke after 10 mins this morning but managed a nearly 2hr nap after his lunchtime feed (which is almost unheard of by the way!).

He will only sleep for 30mins in the pram or sling but it takes soooo long to get him to sleep there in the first place that it's almost not worth it sad. Getting fed up with it tbh, my day seems to revolve around feeding, trying to get him to nap, him waking so feeding again, him waking blah blah blah.

Sorry for hijack, any tips gratefully received grin

Mandinga79 Thu 20-Sep-12 17:07:55

Bloody phone (again). I can eke out a couple of daytime naps with 18 week old DS by i) feeding to sleep while sitting on the bed with curtains closed, lights off, then sliding him onto the bed when he's deeply asleep, and sometimes I'll kip lightly next to him, which seems to keep him asleep a bit longer or ii) rock him in his pram with the white noise app on my iPhone going full blast. I'd so love to be able to 'put him down for a nap' and waltz off, assured of a peaceful hour or two, but no. Getting and keeping him asleep to avoid an overtired fury seems to occupy large chunks of my day. An oft-attempted nap routine would also be fabulous, but now I'm just in cloud cuckoo land...

GailTheGoldfish Thu 20-Sep-12 18:54:48

With my 8 week old I lie on the bed with her next to me and feed her to sleep when all else fails. That way I don't have to move her. How about feeding or holding her in a blanket and putting her down in the blanket?

lourobert Thu 20-Sep-12 18:58:25

My dd is asleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and has been for 30 mins or so without me spending time pacing and sssshing and rocking.

Ive swaddled her and put her in her chair but put a rolled up blanket along her side so shes a bit more squished together.shes got a muslin over her eyes and really LOUD white noise playing on my phone next to her ear. I was able to turn the while noise off after about 10 mins and shes still asleep. She obviously prefers the womb environment to the big wide world.

Im not naive enough to think this is it and Ive cracked it but il take it whilst I can. I just cooked dinner with 2 hands!!!!! YAY

Thank you for peoples posts.

madwomanintheattic Thu 20-Sep-12 18:58:39

Dd1 didn't sleep at all in the day until she was well over 4mos. It was so unlike her I called dh at work and he came home. grin

It took until she was 14 mos to introduce a regular once a day 'nap', but then she was fine for about a year.

Doitnicelyplease Thu 20-Sep-12 20:50:23

They are all different, but with my 2nd she is really hard to get to sleep once she is over tired (unless you have a reflux issue or colic I find that overtiredness explains most crying/crankyness/sleep or nap problems).

Babies get tired really quickly, at nearly 3 months mine is rubbing her eyes within 1 hour sometimes less of being up. I put her straight down and she will go to sleep on her own within 20 mins. If I leave her up too long she becomes cranky, crying, needs rocking etc.

We do swaddle for naps and nighttime and I think that helps settle them too.

I really recommend reading the baby whisperer - she has good tips for avoiding sleep props and bad habits.

13lucky Fri 21-Sep-12 20:56:09

I second what doitnicelyplease dd was very difficult to put down in those early weeks and cried all the time. By about 12 weeks it was very tiring and I realised that she was crying because she was over stimulated and over tired. It is important to try to settle them to sleep as soon as they show signs of tiredness which, at that age, is likely to be after an hour or so. I would also recommend putting them in their cot in their bedroom (or wherever they sleep at night) rather than napping downstairs with you as this gets them into a good sleep routine. It took me a week to crack this with my dd - I stayed in for the best part of a week and just tackled it straight on and after a week, she had it sorted and also started sleeping through the night - every night! - as she was more rested during the day. Good luck!

MigGril Sun 23-Sep-12 07:03:57

I'd second the sling. DD was a rubbish sleeper also dropped her nap early. But would always fall asleep in the sling.

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