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Colic support thread

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hamncheese Thu 20-Sep-12 12:21:58

Just wanted to start a colic support thread for anyone experiencing the severe, unrelenting colic like my DS has. Really think that for something that only time can cure there should somewhere to talk about it with others experiencing the same thing. I have lots of other support but no one else seems to get it as they aren't in quite the same boat re colic.

DS is now 7 weeks old. When he came out he was an angel and for the first three weeks he was so content, napping in his Moses basket during the day, sleeping with me well at night. It got to the point where he was doing 5 hours stretches at night and giving me two 3 hours naps in the day in his basket. Everything was perfect. By week 4 he was suffering from sporadic periods of colic, we got him on infacol and it was manageable as only when he needed to poo and once he did he was better. By week 5 though he was worse, straining more often, wind waking him up, sleep deteriorating, inconsolable screaming sessions. By week 6 he had a food strike for 12 hours, followed by two days of constant battles to get him to stay latched on, and he spent every waking minute pushing and straining I pain to the point of tears. Now at night he wakes every 1-2 hours in wind pain, feeding is a mess as he comes off every time he is windy or feels the urge to push which is every few minutes, and if he does get something out he immediately falls asleep from exhaustion only to wake up 10 minutes later in pain again. He can't get to deep sleep as the wind wakes him before he does. He doesnt sleep in the day except in his sling or on me after ages of soothing and dummy. There is no point trying the Moses basket. When he does sleep at night he is so wriggly and noisy pushing all the time that I can barley sleep more than 10 minutes in a go without waking.

So that's out lot. Has made me seriously doubt whether I'd have another as it is just heartbreaking to see them in such pain. Much like the morning sickness it just seems incredibly unfair that some babies dont even get it yet others have it constantly. People keep saying to me to treasure every moment of my newborn but honestly there is so little to treasure when he spends most of his day in discomfort. We are trying cranial osteopathy, had one session, but it seems we are in for the long haul. At the moment it makes me not even want to talk about anything baby with other people as they don't get how crap it is. Especially the ones who had their babies long enough ago to forget this phase, and the ones who have mild colic and report back on the wonders of infacol.

So, anyone in the same boat? I'm sitting with my son who has been awake but tired since 8am, battling to feed and stave off screaming fits with the dummy. I'm considering going into town in the pissing rain as at least he is in the sling.

amanda966 Sun 14-Feb-16 21:34:17

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falsai Tue 01-Jul-14 09:20:56

Thanks for starting this thread. I hate the term colic, ot drives me mad. We all have various symptoms but they give it one name. Secondly I hate when a Dr or nurse says, are you sure its gas & tummy pain, how do u know?
We know because we spends hours with our babes screaming in pain yes pain not because they are hungry or bored we know that behavior. My babes 14 wks its its still here hubby & me are sleep deprived & can only breastfeed as formula made it all worse. I'm exhausted, feel isolated as yes you can't attend exercise classes go out ect unless babe is strapped to you or you don't mind babe screaming. On top of everything my babe doesn't poo often, they say oooh this is normal. It's not normal when he's in pain to go so he doesnt or if he does before & after we have days of screaming & stinky gas.
I'm over it I just want professionals to help. Uncivil, gripe water, baths. Exercise tried it all no avail. The only way Babe sleeps is with us or nothing, bn advised rotate panadol & nurpphem, great solutions Dr. Like that's healthy. Days that we ha e a reprieve feel like heaven its so sad.

Lallie321 Thu 27-Jun-13 21:43:08

My daughter's colic started bang on cue at 2 weeks. We'd just had to switch from breast to formula (and I mean had to) so I was already feeling rubbish about that when the colic took hold. She didn't have the classic pattern - hers was all day with attacks peaking late afternoon and evening on one day, early morning and evening on the next and a third day of mild to no symptoms. She had the most appalling wind. You could feel it rolling in her bowel and she'd pass wind maybe forty times an hour in an attack. She'd do the usual howling and drawing her knees up, red in the face. She was also a difficult baby to wind and went from passing stools every feed on the breast to once every three days on SMA. We tried Infacol, Colief, gripe water, baby massage, keeping her in a quiet environment in case it was over-stimulation, Dr Brown's bottles (those do help the wind a bit and she still uses them), the Contented Little Baby routine (worst thing I tried and upset her a lot), changing to Aptamil (pooed more often and the wind was better but the colic wasn't) but none of it worked. Finally it became clear she was constipated as she started screaming when passing stools and the doctor tried her on lactulose which helped the pooing but gave her awful griping pains. About this time we got a sling and that did at least help a little bit to calm her by getting wind up and out of her bottom too. Plus it saved my arms.

After four weeks of being told there was nothing I could do and I'd have to wait it out, I had a rant at the HV and the GP. The poor child wasn't able to sleep during the day because she was in so much discomfort and she had to be held all day while she cried. If she did manage to drift off, she would wake up in pain again a short time later. The only sanity saver was it stopped around 9pm every night and didn't start again until 6am so it least we both got some sleep. Post-rant, they suggested helplessly that I could try a Comfort formula.

I went out and got a carton with no hope it would work at all. Within 24 hours the colic had gone. And I mean gone completely - she's never had an attack since. I changed her over at 6 and a half weeks - peak colic time. Her constipation totally cleared immediately. The wind improved enormously straight away and within two weeks had gone altogether. She's now twelve weeks and has been colic free for six weeks. She sleeps like an angel day and night. Over the last week, her poos have got a bit looser than normal and so we have started to re-introduce one feed a day of regular formula as she's now reached that age where she may have grown out of it and not need the support of the Comfort milk. We suspect it was the extra prebiotics that did the trick by increasing her pooing frequency gently but we'll never know for sure. She seems to be fine so far and we plan to change her back over a month to give her system time to readjust. If she shows any symptoms, we'll abandon it and keep her on Comfort.

It was without doubt the most stressful time of my life. Holding your baby hour after hour while she suffers is like being tortured and being told 'never mind, they'll grow out of it' by the medical profession is both utterly useless and massively frustrating. It takes no account of how awful and hopeless the parents feel. My husband would come home every day to find me in tears while I held her as she screamed. It took me several weeks after it stopped to feel normal about her and not stiffen every time she so much as twitched in case it was starting again.

However she is now a thriving, happy baby who naps three times a day in complete comfort and sleeps through the night. She takes her feeds to a regular schedule - hers, not one made up by some book - and is as bright as a button.

If you have a colicky baby you have my total sympathy, but keep trying things and don't be fobbed off by being told there's nothing that can be done because you might be lucky and find a solution. And ignore the piffle about colic not existing and it being over-tiredness. I know when my daughter is over-tired because she makes it very clear and she is dramatic about it, but it is nothing at all like the distress she showed with colic. Colicky babies probably are over-tired...because they have colic and they can't sleep with it!

If you do have to ride it out to the 3-4 month mark, get the baby checked to rule out reflux or other problems. It'll make you feel better to know it isn't something potentially damaging. And look after yourself. It will go eventually and the baby will be fine as soon as it does but right now no matter how useless you feel, that baby needs you to help him/her through each attack and just by being there you are doing a fantastic job for them. You really are!

robyn2 Mon 04-Feb-13 15:50:28

Week 4-6 I was beside myself with dds colic, however I seem to have had a good couple of weeks since changing formula brand and made doubly sure that she is winded really really well. Since the change dd is def a little less constipated although constantly passing wind but happy and not in pain with it.
Im also making sure that after 4pm when the colic usually starts I don't let dd even so much as whinge out of hunger for a bottle (if she cries then she immediately starts with the pain in her stomach and things go from bad to worse.) I try to keep her chilled and sleepy for as long as possible at this time and it seems to have made a difference. I bought a bouncy chair with a calming vibrations button and I really think this helps. I also got rid of the moses basket, I realised that it was bedtime in the basket when things also got worse and a few friends recall their babies being quite unsettled in moses baskets strangely enough. For 2 weeks ive given in an let her sleep in her bouncy chair (initially I felt wrong about doing this) but it was clear that she was certainly much more comfortable in that upright position. So she slept looking at me as ive slept on the sofa near the fridge and bottle warmer so I can tend to the night feeds immediately which has resulted in a less wound up baby who I can feed and settle back to sleep in less than 30 minutes and DH really needs the sleep in order to get up for work.

2 days ago I introduced the big cot in the living area and she's settling in it really well, tonight im going to move it into the bedroom so that I can hopefully return to my bed lets see.....?

PeggyL Fri 01-Feb-13 18:01:30

Hey, you have my deepest sympathies, sounds exactly same my son, absolutely horrendous with him screaming & rigid in pain from 2am every night, it almost killed me & i vowed never again - i write this with a 2 week old on my cheat! Haven't had time to read all posts so sorry if repeating but have 3 pieces of advice - wind him all the time, do leg exercises with him (this my saviour & so good at making them fart!!) & when you move from boob to bottle go to formula like Hipp Organic not ones like Aptamil/Cow & Gate, and overall, pl pl remember - it will pass & you cam enjoy your baby!! I can honestly say i hated the first 3 months & didn't enjoy baby at all, then literally one day, quick as you like & with no notice, colic just disappeared! Good luck x

gimbul Fri 01-Feb-13 02:55:14

Had to share my story here. My LO is almost 2 months and what started out as 'mild' colic in the 3rd week went on to become the most depressing period of my life ever. Was grappling with PP blues and issues with breastfeeding( she is finally on formula now) when her stomach pain and gas issues got so bad, feels like Hamncheese's first post was written by me. We changed to a lactose free easy digest formula which seemed to help but things never looked better for more than a few hours. Yesterday with the help of some advice from her ped and a wonderful new anti gas drop, we have seen a HUGE difference. For anyone who's still lookig for a gas med that's safe and very effective with no side effects like possible constipation (we went thru all that with almost all the colic drops and had no effect with gripe water either) plz plz try the Indian Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan digestive drops. They are Ayurvedic and work in seconds to relieve wind. I however space out the 3 tsp per day dose into 10-15 tiny spoons BEFORE each feed. She slept for the first time in the swing( has mild reflux too) last night for 6 hours and woke up without crying today(touch wood). We did have a few minutes of intense crying before sleep.. But as soon as the drops went in she passes wind and calmed down. Also recommend Similac Total comfort HA Lactose Free. Guarantees soft poop! Am keeping my fingers crossed. Don't ever want to see her in pain the way she has been the last few weeks.

LizMidwinters Fri 16-Nov-12 23:05:07

Mum's with colicky babies - please read.

We are just about to commence a clinical study comparing 2 treatments for infantile colic. In order to complete the design, we would like to know what reduction in crying time would make a meaningful difference to mums (and dads) with colicky babies.
The study is being run through Southampton University's Medical School as part of a PhD project.

We have set up a short 5 question multiple choice survey - which will take around 2 minutes to complete. It's completely anonymous.

If you have a colicky baby, I would really appreciate your help. Please follow the link below. Your answers will support the research and hopefully help parents with colicky babies in the future.

The CHiropractic for Infantile Colic (CHIC) team.

paperclips Sun 07-Oct-12 23:30:10


Just found this thread, as I was going to start one the same. I need some hand-holding from other mums that are struggling with this.

Babyclips is 10 days old. For the last 4 days he's been having "classic colic symptoms" late afternoon/ evening. I couldn't believe how loud and raw a baby's screaming could be. It's awful.

Midwife yesterday recommended infracol but haven't had a chance to buy any yet- chemist first thing tomorrow. We've tried all sorts. A bit of massage, but with clothes on as he hates being undressed - it didn't do anything. Bicycle legs releases a few farts and helps a little bit. He quite liked being walked around in "tiger in the tree", but these just calm him briefly then it start again. Nothing has really stopped it.

Tonight was shit. Worst night so far. It went on much longer. He seemed to calm down for my husband but not for me. We ended up having to put him down and leave him for a while. It got so it had been about 3 hours since his last feed so i think hunger made it worse. Every time he calmed down and stopped screaming he'd look really hungry, doing the baby-bird mouth, but then wouldn't latch on, would just bash his open mouth against my breast a few times, shaking head, not really trying to feed, then he'd pull away, then the screaming would start again. Finally tonight he wore himself out. He then fed for about 5 minutes (he rarely feeds longer in one go that's another issue we have) before falling alseep. Now he is zonked out asleep on my chest all gorgeous and snuggly. I want to put him into his basket so we can all sleep but worried he'll wake up and we'll be back to square one.

It really breaks my heart not being able to comfort him and I end up in tears every time. When the screaming is at its worse its like torture. I can't bear seeing/hearing my baby boy so upset and in pain. I know it's not my fault and that's how colic is, but still it does make me feel like I'm failing. Husband is great and is really good with him, he's made me sit out and have a drink while he does the walking around. He seems better able to calm him than me which kind of hurts a bit. And I am dreading him going back to work.

The other thing is- everything I've read suggests colic usually starts at around 2-3 weeks not 1 week old, which makes me wonder if it's not actually reflux or something causing these symptoms? Thinking of seeing GP about this, but don't know if he'll be "oh it's just colic its normal" etc.I'm also hoping to see my breastfeeding support worker to ask her to check my latch because I think he's gulping and swallowing air.

Excuse the long post, wanted to get a lot off my chest. Please tell me every night won't be like this?

hamncheese Thu 27-Sep-12 09:33:54

That's brilliant lucy glad it worked! If he's overdue a poo try a good long massage followed by a feed!

DS is a lot better still, however we both have the cold which is pretty ugh.

lucylookout Wed 26-Sep-12 13:19:53

Glad your dd has come through the other side hotpot. It's always good to know there's light at the end of the tunnel!

Hamncheese I googled colic massage yesterday and gave ds a little one each time I changed his nappy. It produced lots of farts throughout the day and the best nights sleep we've had for ages (dream feed at 10.30, woke at 2.30 for food, 4.30 for food, awake around 6ish, a bit of grunting during the night but if it got too bad I did another quick massage and got the little farts out). Thanks for the tip! Hope your ds is still improving too.

Hotpotpie Wed 26-Sep-12 11:08:06

Im just on the other side of this with my 6mth old

turns out my first suspicion which was that she was lactose intolerant was right, a week on SMA lactose free milk and shes totally colic free its like some one waved a wand!

she was dreadful at a few weeks old - she bounced between constipation and an upset tummy, and she would scream for hours as well as having little spots on her face - doctor practically threw me out of the surgery telling me she had infant acne

I swapped from breast feeding on to colic and constipation milk and woodwards gripe water was fab but I went back when she was five months old because I felt that it was ridiculous to be pouring gripe water in to her and using milk that gave her loose bowels - different doctor, happy to prescribe Sma and the miracle occured lol

just as a side thought I found infacol useless, gripe water much better, and colic massage was wonderful

hamncheese Mon 24-Sep-12 20:05:02

Help not hurt...

hamncheese Mon 24-Sep-12 20:03:51

I hope your nights get better soon too lucy. The sling is a god send isn't it? If things get awful I just put him in. Ok it is tiring walking with an increasingly heavy baby on you but sometimes you just need the screaming to stop! When it was hellish last week we went into town and sloshed about in the rain for two hours.

Do you find it hard to sleep through the grunting? I am forever turning the light on dim to see him expecting him awake and upset but find he is making all the racket in his sleep.

I'm so glad that he can sleep through the wind and belly motions better now thanks to that lactulose. Also the belly massage is really helping. I don't think I gave it enough of a chance before. DH just got a poo out of him from it! You can hear all these crazy gurgling noises in him when you do it... Poor soul!

Had a really relaxed day... He is getting so good at not freaking out when the wind hurts and learning to nurse through the pain, relax and let it go better. Little worried about tomorrow though as its the second cranial and it occurred to me that the awful time last week could have been triggered by it even though it was a few days later he got worse. Considered not going but am going to incase it does hurt. At least if it gets that bad I will know what to expect.

lucylookout Mon 24-Sep-12 14:08:02

hamandcheese that's great that you had another better night. You must feel like a new woman! It is a pain giving up dairy (I've also given up eggs) as there are so many hidden milk products in everything! I'm just telling myself that it's a good way to lose a bit of weight (no cakes or biscuits for me at the mo) and it's only for a few more weeks.
I think our nights might be getting marginally better, but they're still pretty awful! Ds seems to be grunting less with his wind, but is still waking a lot and is hard to settle as he's busy trying to get farts out.
He's currently 'catching up' in the sling!

hamncheese Mon 24-Sep-12 13:52:19

I'm slowly cutting back dairy but don't know what id eat if I didn't have it ! Will try it properly if this improvement doesnt last. He slept I his cot alone last night for four hours (unheard of as have coslept since the start) and well the rest of the night. Comtent when awake too, minimal pushing and groaning and feeding much better. Still not convinced it won't all go back to shit but maybe this lactulose is really helping? I get the feeling 'colic' just means 'baby problem doctor can't work out how to treat' a lot of the time...

How is anyone else doing? Hope you are getting some rest

macred Mon 24-Sep-12 11:03:32

Another vote for the dairy free diet.
I started it when DS was about 5 weeks old, and kept it up til he was 16 weeks old, when I reckoned his gut would have matured enough to cope. Worked a treat - symptoms gradually dimished over the course of a week. I did it really thoroughly, so checked bread and biscuit labels as well as more obvious ones. And I only really had soya milk in my tea as someone warned me that the molecular structure of soya is similar to lactose? (who knows - I just decided to go with it!).
Best of luck, and hope things improve for you all xxx

hamncheese Sun 23-Sep-12 17:05:30

Before bed for the massage I mean yes

hamncheese Sun 23-Sep-12 17:04:26

Yea DH did the massage and cycling. He's been doing it today and we've had more poos which is great. He has slept a lot today too. I just keep waiting for it to get bad again...

Sorry to hear you had a poor night lucy I think that's the hardest thing is how there is no predictability at all! You can't even rely on anything... Like not even managing to get a few hours sleep. I expected to not have as much sleep and to be up a lot... But not as little as this!! And to get none fir three days then 8 hours... Crazy!

lucylookout Sun 23-Sep-12 12:30:48

Glad you had a better night Hamandcheese. Did your DH do the massage/cycling just before bedtime? Re cranial osteopathy ds had a bad day after the first session (very sleepy and refluxy, generally not a happy chappy) but then seemed to improve on where we'd been in the following days. It's hard to know what to attribute to the CO and what to me having given up dairy.
We had another poor night. I am dream feeding him a bottle of ebm at about 10.30, but he seems to be waking habitually at 1.20, which then sets off the rest of the night to take a predictable course. I actually think the trapped wind might be a bit better, but i think he's just got a bit used to being awake at night and being cuddled/comforted a lot.
it's a phase, it will pass, it's a phase, it will pass

hamncheese Sun 23-Sep-12 08:00:53

After two nights of no sleep he slept well last night... After DH dedicated a lot of time and patience to belly massage and cycling legs.. It never worked before for colic but maybe is helping with the constipation.

Interesting about the cranial osteopathy lambster we had it done for the first time last Monday and are going again Tuesday... Hope it wasn't that which has contributed to this recent bad bout. How long after the cranial was your LO upset for?

Lambster76 Sun 23-Sep-12 00:49:03

We went to a cranial oesteopath when DS was 6 weeks-it didn't work. In fact it resulted in 17 hours of him not sleeping & constant crying...worst day ever.. Hubby & my mum found me on the sofa at 6pm still in dressing gown & at wits end.. I handed them the baby & went to bed!

Funnywonder Sat 22-Sep-12 22:20:20

Hi lucylookout, as far as I remember, he was about three and a half months when he grew out of it. It didn't happen suddenly, but seemed to get better gradually so that I barely noticed until he'd been colic free for a while and I thought 'oh, when did that happen?'.

hamncheese Sat 22-Sep-12 17:09:10

Thanks everyone for the support it's good to read. Feeling very much unable to cope at present. I just melted my breast pump trying to sterilise it. £50 down the drain. DH off to buy another as its getting to the point that we need to bottle feed him if he continues to not feed at night. Last nigh was the worst night I have ever had.

lucylookout Sat 22-Sep-12 16:53:50

Funnywonder I have a 4yo ds too. When did yours grow out if this?

Funnywonder Sat 22-Sep-12 13:53:40

Hi there, I am going through something very similar at the moment. It's like deja vu as my 4 year old was exactly the same. I thought I was due a colic free baby this time round, but no such luck! I tried everything with my eldest, but only the passage of time worked unfortunately. I think Jennifer's experience, above, sounds very interesting and I will certainly be having a look at the website. My son is 3 weeks, so another 2 or 3 months of living in this strange sleep-deprived no-man's-land is hard to imagine, especially with a very demanding 4 year old to look after. I hope you find a solution soon - I know how soul destoying it can be trying to cope with a baby who is clearly in pain. Take care.

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