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Nappy changing nightmare- any help or advice?

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bigredtractor Wed 12-Sep-12 09:37:25


My DS will be 2 next month and has suddenly taken real offence at having his nappy changed - not so much when it's just a wee, but if he's done a 'proper' nappy (!) it turns into a real battle.

This is going to sound odd, but he's a very 'private pooper'- he takes himself off somewhere until he's done.

I try and gently take him to his room to change him, but he goes floppy, screams and fights it at every step - bicycle kicking his legs and trying to squirm off the mat.

I need to hold him quite firmly to be able to change him which just makes him more angry. I offer to let him help (give him a wipe to hold), or try and distract him with toys or taking the Sudacrem lid off. When it's really bad I've put him down on the floor for a minute or so to calm down, but them he wees on the carpet (it's like he does it on purpose). Sometimes I'll put him down on the floor for a minute after we've finished and ask him to say sorry for kicking once he's calmed down, which he does.

But next nappy - same story!

Any ideas? I had wondered whether he might be ready for potty training, but he hates being interrupted when he's filling his nappy, so once he's started, it would cause worse tantrums to move him onto a potty.

Anyone had anything similar - and ideas how to make it easier?

megandraper Wed 12-Sep-12 09:50:29

I've had this, though not as bad as you describe. My DS was older, but it was the stage just before potty training.

I used to say to DS each time 'when you start doing your poos in the potty, then you won't need to be changed, that'll be good, won't it.'.

I also perfected the art of cleaning him up while he was standing up rather than lying down, which he accepted better. (Stand him on changing mat facing away from you, remove trousers/socks, then ease down pull-up carefully and get him to step out carefully, wipe up bottom.) If you put mat in front of a chair or something, he can be playing/fiddling with a something or looking at a book while you do it.)

Have the change mat/wipes near wherever it is he goes to do his poos, so he doesn't have to be taken far for the change. Him taking himself off to a private place is very common and a good sign - shows he knows it's coming IYSWIM.

Do you have a potty yet? I would have one out somewhere and start talking about 'when you're a big boy and use the potty'. Also get a book about using the potty (we had 'The Potty book for boys' which was good though a bit American so some words you have to change as you read. Americans seem to call the loo a potty so there was something about 'Mum and Dad use a potty' which freaked out DH!)

Don't get too stressed about it. It is difficult but it's a stage that passes like all the others, honestly, so when it's a tricky one just get it done as fast as possible and move on. (easier said than done, I know!)

bigredtractor Wed 12-Sep-12 10:39:17

Thank you - that's good advice about the standing up- it does seem to be the lying him down that is often the catalyst.

We don't have a potty yet - he loves flushing the loo in our bathroom though and knows that is where him mum and dad do their wees! So perhaps he's more aware than I'm giving him credit for - will get one and start to let him see it out around the house.

megandraper Wed 12-Sep-12 12:40:57

It was lying down my DS hated as well, he got much more co-operative after the first few times I let him stand up.

There might be a bit of a mess the first time you do it standing up (they seem to TRY to put their foot in the dirty pull-up...) so have lots of wipes. DS quickly learned how to keep his feet out of the way though.

If you haven't got a potty yet, I recommend one of the 'throne' style ones (i.e. with a back and arm-rests) - they're cheap at Mothercare or similar. My DCs seem to find them more comfortable than the smaller ones and are more willing to sit on them and wait for something to happen...

Good luck! I HATE potty-training but it's brilliant once they're past that stage and reliably using the loo.

piprabbit Wed 12-Sep-12 12:42:28

Pull ups helped me cope with DS.

megandraper Wed 26-Sep-12 13:27:53

any luck, tractor?

Eglantyne Wed 26-Sep-12 13:32:24

It was the lying down my dd hated too, from just over 12mths. I bought pull ups and used to change her standing up. If at home, I'd change her in the bathroom, she would stand and hold the handle on the bath which was just the right height!

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