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My DD8 has developed a tic. Anyone have experienced this?

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ihatethecold Mon 03-Sep-12 09:10:57

About a year ago my DD started doing some movements with her neck. Pulling it in so she gets a double chin then then stretching her headroom the side.
I thought it was just a habit but a year on she still does it and now rolls her eyes upwards a lot. Although not at the same time.
After looking on line, I can see she has classic signs of a tic.
Do I just ignore?
Do they go away?

MoreCrackThanHarlem Mon 03-Sep-12 09:19:08

I would see your GP.
A friend's son had similar tics which began at 9yo. He was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome. Not sure what treatment he has, but he does have monthly appointments at the hospital and his tics are much less noticeable now. He is 13.

MoreCrackThanHarlem Mon 03-Sep-12 09:22:56

Although think at least one vocal tic is present in a Tourette's diagnosis.

ihatethecold Mon 03-Sep-12 10:01:17

She throat clears a lot.
But no other vocal noises

mrsbaffled Mon 03-Sep-12 14:05:13

Lots and lots of children have tics (some huge percentage like 20%, but don't quite me on that LOL!). Some come and go, others stay.

I would film it and visit the GP if you are concerned, but honestly they are very common and not usually a problem.

My DS (8) has just developed an eye tic, but his brother has much more severe and obvious tics (almost incessant some days). He's had them for nearly a year. I took him to the docs and they said watch for a bit and if they become a problem at school (he starts reception next week) then they would refer for assessment. My dad had tourettes so it's in the family. For tourettes you need to have had tics for at least a year with at least 1 vocal tic (not throat clearing/sniffing). It looks like it's going that way for him.... BUT in itself it's not really a problem.

ihatethecold Mon 03-Sep-12 14:32:52

I honestly can't think how anyone could stop a child from ticking???sp?
I notice it because I watch her when she doesn't realise.
I read that it's like a sneeze. If you feel it coming on then you have to do the movement.
Thanks for the input though.

OnlyNiceSwearing Mon 03-Sep-12 22:27:03

I was thinking about posting a similar question today. Since dd3 was around 2.5 she has had many tics some last for ages, others for shorter periods of time. She is 6 now and at the moment she coughs all the time but is not ill, snorts, rolls her eyes, spells out loud constantly, sucks her cheeks in and blows on things and cant put socks on without fiddling and yanking them up for ages. I bought seamless ones which has helped marginally. She is also constantly bumping into things and hurting herself but has had an eye test and there are no problems with her sight.

It's getting unbearable for her and us, she said she annoys herself and wants to stop. We have obviously been really calm and understanding but the snorting in particular is driving me bonkers! I found a really good article earlier but am useless at links on here if you want to pm me with your email ad I can try and send it to you! I know tics are common but the amount dd3 has now seem to be hindering her daily life. Hopefully your dd's will be something she grows out of as I read in this article.

mrsbaffled does spelling obsessively out loud seem like a vocal tic? She does it mid sentence and cannot stop.

QOD Mon 03-Sep-12 22:32:44

My dd has them, has done from about 7 or 8. We used to call it her car crash face, sort of a grimace and stretch of the nostrils with lower jaw jutting
I developd a twitch from tying not to poke her ...

She grew out of it eventually until it restarted slightly differently last year. Gne again now. Be interesting to see if it comes back once school starts again tomorrow.

She has a nervous cough too, her cousin had mild non vocal Tourette's

OnlyNiceSwearing Mon 03-Sep-12 22:55:55

Qod- Our dd has had about a 3 month period where her tics were almost unnoticeable but that's it. They seem back ten times worse this year. I have been sitting here listening to her snort herself off to sleep bless her. I think my dad used to make throat noises and cough but not sure of anyone else in the family.

FredWorms Mon 03-Sep-12 23:00:40

Very common at that age. DS did a similar thing off and on for about 18months, at times it got ridiculous. He's 13 now and still does it occasionally when he's stressed/excited.

I read a very helpful post on here from a Y4 teacher (when I was worried about him and asked a question similar to yours), she said that most of her class were twitching away, especially the boys. It painted a funny picture and was very reassuring.

MissKeithLemon Mon 03-Sep-12 23:15:27

My DS used to touch his face quickly with the very tips of his fingers and then screw his eyes up in a weird sort of way. He also used to do a strange noise a bit like clearing his throat confused but he/we called it his 'throaty laugh'.

It broke my heart when he did it all through the school play one year, was very uncomfortable for me to watch him up on stage touching his face repeatedly; so I set to and helped him to learn how to not do it. It took a while and I had to 'remind' him gently to try not do it every time we noticed it, as did dd and his dad.

I think this worked as he seemed to want to stop himself too. Eventually all the little movements and noises gradually got less and less frequent before stopping altogether.

He is/always was a very confident boy, but it did start to happen in the year or so following me and his dads break up - not sure to this day if that was relevant or not. There is no family history of any tics/tourettes etc.

I did mention it to GP who I see regularly (so didn't make special appt, he just happened to be with me one day) and she said not to be concerned and that at his age its not uncommon.

Vixster18 Tue 04-Sep-12 05:44:41

My DS1 has had tics for 2yrs now. He has all different ones and my GP said not to worry unless a tic lasted for a year, but they usually disappear every few months and are then replaced by a new tic.

It is very common, DS1 is 7yrs old and there are at least 2 others in his class who also have tics. My sons current tic is to stretch his face into a fake grin like he's trying to show you all his teeth, he also has to touch his shoulders and he says he's 'making a love heart shape' with his arms. It all started with nonstop blinking and throat clearing.

It wouldn't hurt to make your GP aware of the tics and just to monitor them.

ihatethecold Tue 04-Sep-12 07:12:47

Only nice swearing. I will try to pm
You with my email
It's reassuring to read other peoples experiences and that it seems to be quite common.
Thanks for the messages smile

flossymuldoon Tue 04-Sep-12 11:10:23

I had a couple of tics around that age too. I blinked my eyes a lot and screwed my face up when i did it, and the same as Vixter18s son - i stretched my face into a fake grin. I was quite a nervous kid so i think that had something to do it. I gradually grew out of them and don't have now. Well, not that i am aware of anyway!

madaboutchocolate Tue 06-Nov-12 14:27:34

My DS aged 10 has just starting moving his head to the left/right and stretching his mouth. He has also started clearing his throat. When I've asked him about it he says his throat tickles!! Noticed it more this last week as he's been on school holiday. His teacher took me to one side today and commented on them. This is worrying me now and not sure whether to take him to the doctors. Will they say I'm wasting their time!!

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