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8 month old baby having tantrums?!

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roz1982 Wed 08-Aug-12 15:01:56

Hi all

My ds is just over 8 months and for the most part is a really good baby, eats well is now sleeping pretty good, crawls, plays etc. however, recently he has started having massive tantrums and crying fits with lots of throwing head back and arching back as soon as im doing something he is not completely happy with. Most notably, changing his nappy/putting clothes on creaming his skin (he has eczma) and stuff like that...he also does it quite alot at mealtimes, when he doesnt get his food IMMEDIATELY or i wipe his face/hands. He definitely is not a fan of being on his back anymore but his behaviour just seems a bit over the top! He is a bit touchy at the moment as he is teething.

Just wondering if this is normal for a baby so young??

Ta x

RaisinDEritrea Wed 08-Aug-12 15:10:23

Not tantrums

More like expressing dislikes

EmmaNess Wed 08-Aug-12 15:16:09

I've known babies go postal over things not going their way at that age. Not very common, but not unheard of.

worldgonecrazy Wed 08-Aug-12 15:21:57

Think of it as a frustration rather than a tantrum. The language with which we express something to ourselves goes a long way towards how we deal with the situation and if you use negative words like 'tantrum' then it doesn't help your mindset, or help deal with the situation.

Your baby has no other way of expressing that something is upsetting him. If you try and see the world from his point of view it makes it easier.

Try distraction when nappy changing, or tickling. At mealtimes just make sure you have the food ready before you put him near the table so that his expectations aren't raised. Babies have little concept of time at that age so a few seconds to you can seem like a ridiculous amount of time to him.

Cambridge22 Tue 23-Aug-16 11:25:56

Hi roz1982, i was just reading your post as my 8and a half month old dd is exactly the same! her sleep has also gone a bit bonkers and she has started waking up almost hourly each night for the past 3 weeks. We're really struggling at the moment and was just wondering how you coped and if you had any tips?

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