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anxiety in young children

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Ave Mon 15-Dec-03 00:33:13

I was just wondering if anyone else had a young child who suffers from anxiety issues. My 8yr old was diagnosed earlier this year and although she has therapy it does not help with all the behaviour issues like not sleeping,agressivness,etc. Was hoping there would be someone who could give advise please.

colette Tue 16-Dec-03 18:17:25

My dd does not seem to have this but I hope by replying it will bring this to the front of active conversations and mean that someone with a similar experience will answer.Good luck it must be diificult to deal with.

3GirlsMum Tue 16-Dec-03 19:01:13

Hi Ave

Currently going through exactly the same with my 9 year old who has had it about a year now. Thankfully she is gradually starting to get better and her moods are improving because of this. As a person that has suffered from anxiety myself I can understand how it can get a child down. They dont understand or like whats happening to them and they dont know how to control it.

What help is she getting? We started off by seeing the school nurse and my daughter now has a 1 on 1 with a counsellor that comes to her school every two weeks.

What do your daughters issues entail and do you know what the trigger was? With my daughter it was going to have her ears pierced together with maths problems at school.

Toni x

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