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I'll probably wish I'd not said this...

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SoupDragon Wed 10-Dec-03 16:15:38

... but DS2 (2y9m) is potty trained! It's taken just over 2 weeks but I think he's finally got the hang of both poos & wees. Of course, now he'll regress and have loads of accidents in public places but what the hell, I'm still proud of him

SoupDragon Wed 10-Dec-03 16:16:05

(and his bottom is just SO squidgable in his pants!)

dsw Wed 10-Dec-03 16:16:45

Well Done - both of you!!! DD is 18mths old and I am about to try and potty train her hope I am as good at it as you seem to have been.

marialuisa Wed 10-Dec-03 16:17:03

Congrats to both of you. Such a relief to get rid of nappies!

M2T Wed 10-Dec-03 16:20:51

Soupy - Well done that boy!

Know what you mean about their little bottoms.

My ds (2.5) seems have decided to master peeing, but we CANNOT get him to sit on the potty to poo!!! He knows he's about to do it, but will not sit down. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

sb34 Wed 10-Dec-03 16:21:54

Message withdrawn

Merlin Wed 10-Dec-03 16:44:38

Well done - oh how I wish my ds (3yrs) would do the same. I have tried everything, but he is just not interested at all. I've got the Thomas Tank Engine pants, but he won't even put them on!! He just smiles at me and says he wants to wear a nappy because he is a baby.

Any tips?!!!

tinyfeet Wed 10-Dec-03 16:45:12

Congrats! Will be turning to you for advice when the time comes. . .

BadHair Wed 10-Dec-03 16:48:55

Merlin - don't worry about it. Ds1 is 3 and is only just getting the hang of this potty business. Keep casually trying him now and again, and if you can get him to see some other children on the potty or loo. I know its hard to believe when people keep saying this to you, but he really will do it when he's good and ready.

SoupDragon Wed 10-Dec-03 17:25:40

I agree with BadHair... this is about the 3rd attempt at potty training DS2 and the only one he's had any success with at all. This time he was simply ready. The same happened with DS1 actually but he was ready on the 2nd attempt and it was completely painless. Only last week I was swearing that "this child is going back into nappies" as SB34 can confirm!

The pooing part of it seemed to fall into place when I kept reminding him to ask for the potty *before* he started pushing it out

sb34 Wed 10-Dec-03 17:28:32

Message withdrawn

GeorginaA Wed 10-Dec-03 17:50:53

Congrats!!!!!!! *big hugs*

Agree about the irresistable bottoms now they're in pants

codswallop Wed 10-Dec-03 19:04:44

their bums look so different dont htey....

time for ds3 now

secur Thu 11-Dec-03 09:11:06

Message withdrawn

oliveoil Thu 11-Dec-03 09:18:10


My dd has a gorgeous bum too, esp when in the bath, nearly 14mth though so way to go until she is on a potty.

Secur -My friend's dd came home from nursery one day and said 'no nappy, nick nicks' and so her mum got her some ickle pink ones with a bow and off she went. Think she was about 2 and a half or thereabouts.

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