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Very aware 11 week old - should we be stimulating her more

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melsy Fri 05-Dec-03 12:34:56

My dd is quite happy to lay on her activity matt and talk to her animals hanging above for quite a while, sometimes half hr to 40mins. The question is, should we be doing more, (I am not sure what??), or is this good enough stimulation.Every once in a while during the day, I will go and sit on the floor with her and show her other rattles and other toy things we have.But I dont have the patience or energy to do it for long!!! God that sounds terrible!!!
Is it good that she is quite happy to be alone on there withought me peering over???

janh Fri 05-Dec-03 12:42:18

It's very very good, melsy! It may not last so make the most of it.

melsy Fri 05-Dec-03 12:45:32

It just feels funny , sometimes she is really quiet and just lays kicking her legs up and smiling so must be happy I suppose??? U just feel like u should be doing something; teach her the alphabet / another langauge!!!! Isnt that what supermums do??

Hulababy Fri 05-Dec-03 12:46:40

That sounds great to me - let her enjoy it, and you enjoy the time. It won't last believe me.

DD used to love and sit and watch out of the windows too. She would sit at the patio windows for ages watching birds in the sky, the trees moving, etc.

sobernow Fri 05-Dec-03 12:46:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

popsycal Fri 05-Dec-03 12:47:47

those mats are a godsend aren't they
the best pressie anyone bought for us!!

melsy Fri 05-Dec-03 12:52:56

This one is loveley ,cute soft jungle animals in purple and yellow and it also plays mozart or nursury rhymes and little flowers light up on the matt.

Feel better now - thought I was being terrible mum just leaving her there sometimes!!!!

sarahburns Fri 05-Dec-03 17:23:17

Supermums don't exist! Take advantage of the fact that you have a lovely, placid baby and get some rest yourself - you won't get much quiet time for the next few years. Mine was obsessed with the washing machine - I used to sit her in her rock-a-tot car seat in front of it and she would gurgle happily watching it go round for ages!

katierocket Fri 05-Dec-03 17:50:22

please make most of it now. My DS was very very unsettled baby I literally could not put him down for 5 mins without him crying to be picked up. enjoy!

wiltshire Sat 06-Dec-03 03:01:59

Melsy, my DS does the same. Loves it even more if he doesn't have nappy on. I have been doing the shaking other rattles & toys too!! Perhaps I will start teaching him to count in French when he is three months

codswallop Sat 06-Dec-03 08:46:38

OOH give yourself abreak - tkae her to the roadside - my dsses always love watching traffic! really!

ninja Sat 06-Dec-03 10:35:57

Melsy - just think youi're turning her into an independent learner - isn't that a supermum thing to do? I decided at that age extra stimulation meant going shopping with me!

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