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How old were your DC when you stopped using a pushchair?

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IWillOnlyEatBeans Tue 22-May-12 13:42:28

Not a judgey thread, I am just curious. DS will be 2.10 when no2 arrives and I'm not sure whether we need to start saving for a double. He is a fairly good walker but deos still whinge to be carried after a while.


IWillOnlyEatBeans Tue 22-May-12 13:42:51

*does! Sorry.

SydneyB Tue 22-May-12 13:45:26

I'd certainly recommend something at that age as there's nothing worse than a hungry baby and a screaming toddler that won't move when you're hurrying home. But why don't you start with a sling for the baby and then perhaps a buggy board rather than investing in a double buggy straight away? My DD was out of a buggy at about that age but only because she had no choice when I went back to work and she was being looked after by a CM with 3 kids and one double buggy! Also depends on how often you'll need to go longish distances.

daisydoodoo Tue 22-May-12 13:45:34

2 and half ish for all 4 of them. I would say a lot depends on how far you walk, but at 2.10 i'd say they should be able to walk most places without a buggy.

IWillOnlyEatBeans Tue 22-May-12 14:00:33

Thanks. He's been walking less than a year (late starter!) so I guess his legs will strengthen loads over the next few months...

FlipFantasia Tue 22-May-12 14:00:35

My DS was 2 a week before DD arrived and we haven't bothered with a double buggy (so expensive plus our flat is tiny). I use a sling with DD (now 8 weeks) and encourage DS to walk/scoot/ride his likeabike as much as possible but we still use the buggy with him. We'll get a buggy board for when DD is old enough to go in the buggy (it's one that isn't suitable from birth).

Labootin Tue 22-May-12 14:00:39

Ds was 20 months (18 months between ds and dd) so for first two months baby dd was in a sling.

But ds was a very ahem lively child who thought nothing of a three mile hike ...

forevergreek Tue 22-May-12 14:02:05

I would use sling/ buggy/ board combo if needed

Have 10 monh old and 2.3year old, eldest has been walking to most places now for 6 months for the simple reason a double is just not practical for us with buses, in and out house etc..

Main thing is that you start walking with him now as much as possible to get used to it. And take no buggy so no option of getting in. So I would start just a 5 min walk to shops for milk or something and yes it will take longer but they will speed up. Then walk somewhere further maybe and jump on bus back etc until he's used to it.

Buggy board was handy last month when it kept threatening to rain as I could speed home if needed.

Also means you can get out without buggy if you sling baby and walk toddler, perfect if just poping to friends or something

Methe Tue 22-May-12 14:02:26

3.5 for them both but they we're both premature. There is no way we could have managed without from 2.5.

Eglu Tue 22-May-12 14:02:39

Both DSes were about 2.5. It does depend on if you need to walk miles or not.

molschambers Tue 22-May-12 14:10:16

I had gaps of 2.5 and then 3.3 between mine and didn't bother with a double buggy. Always seemed big cumbersome things to me.

Used to walk everywhere with them. I had a buggy board and they would hop on that when they wanted to.

Notinmylife Tue 22-May-12 14:12:18

I think DS was about 2.5, but he was, and still is tiny, so easy to carry. I still give him a piggy back on the odd occasion when he is not feeling well, or very tired, and he's 4.5 now.

iseenodust Tue 22-May-12 14:21:33

DS was 2.9. We went on holiday without one and it just never came out of the garage again.

Indith Tue 22-May-12 14:22:25

Dd is 3 and a half and we still use one at times. She has walked around 3 miles so far today and has another 2 and a bit to go when we get her brother from school. I don't use a double though, I swap her and the baby around between sling, pushchair and buggyboard.

Karoleann Tue 22-May-12 14:36:09

Ds1 was over 4 when he stopped. Ds2 was just under 3, but he's an amazing little walker. I'd be tempted to get a double.

jellybeans Tue 22-May-12 14:37:07

Singletons were 2.5 to just before 3. Twins were 3.5 but we had 6 miles a day school run at that point!

GobblersKnob Tue 22-May-12 14:37:41

Ds was 3 and a half and dd is 4 and a bit and still uses hers (we walk alot).

Sirzy Tue 22-May-12 14:38:32

Ds is 2.5 and uses his pram a lot, he has asthma though so isn't physically capable of walking for more than 5 minutes

Greeata Tue 22-May-12 14:40:27

It depends on how much walking you do. Dd was nearly two when we had ds and I never had a double buggy. But then I never had to go very far in a hurry.

mommabee Tue 22-May-12 15:35:49

My ds was 2.3 when dd arrived and I just got a buggy board and he's been fine with that. Depends how far u walk and if he's well behaved my cousin had children very similar time to me & she got a double buggy as her toddler wouldn't walk nicely and would have tantrums so at least with a double buggy she could just strap him in!!

DeWe Tue 22-May-12 17:11:46

DD1 was about 4.6yo. We didn't have a car so sometimes we were walking ridiculous distances, so having the buggy at times was essential.
Dd2 never really used a buggy. She went in the sling at first, then progressed at about 12months to the buggy board (her and dd1 preferred that way round with dd1 in the buggy).
Ds used it until just gone 4yo mostly because his sleep time coincided with time to pick up from schools-which was a 90 minute round trip which I preferred to walk usually.

butthatsnotfair Tue 22-May-12 17:54:11

Once she turned 3 we only used it v occasionally, usually on a day trip out when we knew she might need a nap.

suburbandream Tue 22-May-12 18:01:42

It really depends on how much you walk/if you have a car for the shopping etc. And it depends on the child! DS2 was a brilliant walker as soon as he could walk, but DS1 would moan about walking to the end of the street - many is the time that DS1 would be in the buggy, with DS2 walking beside grin

MissCoffeeNWine Tue 22-May-12 18:04:05

8 weeks, but that probably doesn't answer your question.

Voidka Tue 22-May-12 18:06:37

DS1 was 4.
DS2 is 5 and still uses his (SN) buggy.
DD was 2.11

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