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Potties for Boys

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Azure Fri 28-Nov-03 14:54:30

I (well, mostly the nursery) started potty training DS (27 months) this week. So far, so bad - only one wee in a potty. Anyway, the main reason for this post is that I've found both the potty and loo seat bought from Mothercare to be much too small - it's a squeeze to push his willy down and seems uncomfortable to sit on for any length of time. Is this a common problem with boys? Can anyone recommend a more capacious potty? Any advice appreciated.

Demented Fri 28-Nov-03 20:58:32

We always found the IKEA one good, so cheap we had about four of them. Seemed OK for DS1 but I don't know if they are any larger than any other potty.

Mum2boy Fri 28-Nov-03 21:58:53

Azure I found the same problem in the beginning. I ended up getting a potty that was higher at the back than it was at the front, so we just turned it around and ds sat on it back-to-front (if you know what I mean). Works brilliantly and we never have any problems with it. A lot of the potties out there seem to be too small for boys, I know what you mean.

I don't know what brand it is, but it wasn't expensive - I was more looking for the right shape and something that was big enough for him to sit on.

eyelash Fri 28-Nov-03 23:14:03


We trained our ds when he was 28 months and never used a potty for the reason you stated. He started doing wees in the toilet from day one. DH took him to the toilet for a two week period before we started properly to get him fully used to the idea. He then introduced a game which was putting a piece of toilet paper on the water in the bowl. DH and then ds pretended to be firemen putting out the fire (yes - imagination needed!). It really worked a treat. Obviously no 2 (as in bodily function not child) was a different issue but I found that when necessary I would put the trainer seat on the toilet when needed as normally he didn't need to do both at the same time.

BTW we used a step to make sure he was at the right height.

Sorry if this completely misses the point.

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