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Single jabs rather than MMR

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candr Sun 15-Apr-12 20:04:08

I have been looking into getting DS the single vaccines rather than the MMR jab but am struggling to find somewhere that does it especially as the mumps vaccine is not being made as single jab dose now. Does anyone have any advice on where I can go for this as HV has to advise me to have the MMR and Dr has not been much help.

MunroMagic Sun 15-Apr-12 20:05:54

I couldn't find anywhere that did the single mumps vaccine.

LalaDipsey Sun 15-Apr-12 20:06:40

Hi, the mumps vaccine is not available atm but is not important until puberty so hope it will be available by then. We took our dd to Dr John Oakley in Sutton Coldfield (Midlands) after lots of research. He was about an hours drive but well worth it & I would recommend his practice.

FirstLastEverything Sun 15-Apr-12 20:07:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HappyCamel Sun 15-Apr-12 20:08:43

Be aware that the measles vaccine covers less strains of measles than the mmr and measles can kill.

LalaDipsey Sun 15-Apr-12 21:23:57

Yes I would give mmr at puberty. I worry about the mmr for their tiny bodies and the extremely small percentage of parents who have reported issues with their dc following the jab. There do not seem to be issues if children have the jab around puberty.

candr Mon 16-Apr-12 21:10:51

Have found that places that do single jab seem to wait till they are 18m as opposed to the MMR at 12m so they are left unprotected for longer which worries me plus the 6 week wait in between each jab. Do I get the single measles and rubella then wait till older to get MMR?, Then I worry about him getting mumps. Am really cross as it seems I am being forced into a decision I would not have chosen and will have to do MMR. I worked with special needs and was horrified at the no of parents who felt the jab was to blame (with more boys being affected) but feel I cannot leave DS unprotected.

ArthurPewty Mon 16-Apr-12 21:30:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LalaDipsey Tue 17-Apr-12 07:09:42

Hi, the place I went to did them at a year and waited 4 weeks. They also did a chicken pox jab which I was so relieved to give to dd as I have scars and bad memories of it.

candr Tue 17-Apr-12 19:47:01

Thanks LeonieDelt, will look that one up. Lala, that is good to know. DS was around a child 2 weeks ago that now has C.pox. poor DS is only just 7m so not sure I want him to get that yet - is there ever a good time (I was a teenager so was rather embarrased)

Duritzfan Tue 17-Apr-12 21:17:27

We are doing the BabyJabs route too.. Very happy with them smile

HappyMummyOfOne Tue 17-Apr-12 22:04:46

We didnt have to wait until 18 months and were very lucky to have got all three as I know the mumps was rare - we did have a longer wait for that one.

This was a few years back, not sure how they do it now. We were very happy though and dont regret paying for them privately.

Missmeld Wed 18-Apr-12 11:22:21

We gave our daughter (now 8) the single jabs as it was around the time of the initial scare. When she had to have the pre-school booster they wouldn't give it to her as a follow up to the single vaccines so she had to have the combined MMR anyway and then the booster. Otherwise she wouldn't have been protected.
We didn't mind as at least she was older but just a warning that you may come across this when they are older.

duchesse Wed 18-Apr-12 11:37:37

I have given my children the MMR at puberty. They were unvaccinated (against those ones at least) through childhood. Going to have to get DD3 done before September though as she's going to school in France for a term and it's a legal requirement.

befuzzled Mon 14-May-12 13:44:25

All 3 of mine have had singles, eldest has had all 6 (initial and boosters) - the other 2 are up to date but will not, as it stands, be able to get Mumps (middle one needs booster, youngest has had none).

There is currently no single Mumps vaccine available anywhere, worldwide, as the patent is held by Merck who are currently not producing it (thanks UK DOH (my friend works there)).

I personally am not worried too much about this at the moment as it is rare and not as risky as say Measles to get as a child - I had it and a lot of case are asymptomatic / risk of complications is not as high as Measles (in my educated opinion). The (unacceptable) risk, for me, comes with getting it at or after puberty (for boys)

I plan to wait until one of the following:
a) Merck are pressurised into restarting production of single Mumps vaccinations
b) They release the patent to someone else to do it
c) My children who haven't had it get to 10/11 at which time I will get an antibody test for Mumps immunity (they may have had it in the meantime) and may consider giving them the MMR at this point if they're not (less risky giving it to an 11y old than a 1y old imo).

We used to use a clinic in Croydon that has gone out of business (or been persuaded to if you believe the rumours). We now use SurreyGO in Guildford who are great, if pricey.

befuzzled Mon 14-May-12 13:44:41

SurreyGP sorry

kellybaby Mon 08-Oct-12 13:19:49

hi there, im going through all this at the min and i am getting so stressed with it all i want the single vaccines but im really worried about leaving the mumps off do you guys think it will ever come back out again in uk ?


merrymonsters Mon 08-Oct-12 15:11:40

I know a man who has no children because he got mumps as an adult (he is married and they'd like to have had children). Getting mumps was life changing for him. It does matter.

GailTheGoldfish Mon 08-Oct-12 16:42:46

We have just been for a consultation at the baby jabs clinic, we are very pleased and have started DD on a vaccination schedule with them. Apparently there is no sign of the mumps vaccine becoming available but (not wishing to belittle the experience of those who have really suffered long term effects) we were told it is exceptionally rare for men to be left infertile after mumps. I also have read that the immunity you get from actually having rubella lasts longer than the jab. Of course these childhood illnesses can be very serious but in the majority of cases they are not - I understand this is an emotive topic but its probably worth having a talk with a medical professional to really get a clear picture of the risks who will not pressure you into having MMR if its nt what you want for your child.

AdiVic Mon 08-Oct-12 17:20:47

Hello - not read all the threads here as trying to cope with rampaging children - mine are 2.5years and 4m, my brother and neice both had reactions to the MMR in the form of severe wet eczema, both within 3 hrs of jab, and the consultant at the time suggested maybe it could be related, and to consider future jabs. At the mo theree is a case in Italy going through the courts about reactions to the MMR. Sorry if I'm scremongering but from whaat I've read, certain genes MAY react. I once read a book by a Richard Halvorsen about all of this. My brother is now 24 and still suffers from eczema where there is no other family history of any allergy - he was the only one of us out of 4 to have the MMR,

Mums and measles do concern me, and I want the singke jabs. I thought my daughter had mumps the other week and was petrified and felt guilty.

apologies about spwelling, 4mo is verry wriggly

AdiVic Mon 08-Oct-12 17:23:40

p.s many people advise talking to the doc about this, my doc is very reluctant to discuss and still advises kids with eczema to use aqueaous cream, when in fact that is a soap, and 40% of children are allergic to the preservative in it - he thought it was a cream until i pointed out it wasn't. So, i don't really trust what he says.........

Cupcakemummy85 Mon 08-Oct-12 20:42:58

Hi I'm not going to b much help in regards to infoation on the jabs but I just wanted to say absolutely try ur hardest to get them done separately. I'm pregnant with dc2 and I will defintely b doing the same. My dd1 had the MMR plus two other jabs and she was a nightmare for 6 weeks!!!!! To be honest she hasn't been the same since. A lot of other people have experienced the same!! Keep up the search, it will b worth it!

Chundle Wed 10-Oct-12 14:45:17

I'm getting mmr done seperately but you have to remember that wen mmr is done the preschool booster of whooping cough and diptheria (I think) is done at same time

Kellyl26 Wed 10-Oct-12 22:37:37

My DS had single jabs of measles & rubella when he was a baby. He's now 9 & he has had a mmr jab to cover munps. I was less worried at 9 as their bodies are more developed. He is fine so I will do the same with my 2 yr old.

GailTheGoldfish Fri 12-Oct-12 21:33:13

Cupcakemummy, can you elaborate on how your dd is not the same - do you mean there have been changes in her personality or physical health?

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