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Boys / long hair

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brightstar1 Tue 24-Jan-06 13:39:50

Anyone got a Ds with long hair?.Have you had any obstacles to get over concerning his hair?
Ds has been told he has got to tie his hair back for gymnastics(not quite shoulder length),he is mortified "everyone will laugh at me".
Shame if it puts him off as he is v.good at it & has wanted to do it for a long time.

Aloha Tue 24-Jan-06 13:41:11

Why not get his hair cut then?

JenumGeranium Tue 24-Jan-06 13:42:44

Funnily enough I was just about to post a thread about whether or not to get ds2 (3) hair cut!

He has gorgeous blond hair and I think he looks cute with it longer (think Romeo Beckham!) although it does look straggly at times!

How old is he brightstar1?

brightstar1 Tue 24-Jan-06 13:45:25

Jenum, he is 7 in a couple of wks,and yes he looks georgeous!
Aloha, are you serious?

iota Tue 24-Jan-06 13:46:26

I keep my ds's hair really short - mainly because of fear of the dreaded nits - short hair is so easy to check and comb with the nit comb

JenumGeranium Tue 24-Jan-06 13:49:01

My eldest ds1 is 6 and a half and his hair is getting fairly long - not shoulder length or anywhere near it!

But today we are going to get it cut as he cant see out of his fringe!

It will no doubt make him look older, but thats something I am going to have to deal with - he is getting older! Thats what I dont want with ds2 - he will look so much older with shorter hair!

As for your son, I dont really know what to say. Would tying it back really be that bad for a short while if he really wants to do gymnastics? He wouldnt be the first bloke to tie his hair back - Beckham (again - sorry!) and other footballers I cant think of [shame]

Aloha Tue 24-Jan-06 13:49:54

Yes, of course I'm serious. If he would be humiliated by having it tied back, why not get it cut? It doesn't hurt!

tassis Tue 24-Jan-06 13:51:45

I don't love really long hair on boys, but I really really don't see the need for toddler boys to have it cut properly short IYKWIM. Surely they have the rest of their lives for that?

Auntymandy Tue 24-Jan-06 13:53:27

If school say he has to tie it back then he should, but do they ask girls with the same length hair to?

Meanoldmummy Tue 24-Jan-06 13:53:48

I bit the bullet and had ds1's ringlets cut off when he was just 3. I cried my eyes out. He did look older, but only for a few days, and then I got used to it. he has a long-ish page-boy cut now (just past ears)and looks like a little blond choirboy.

Auntymandy Tue 24-Jan-06 13:55:14

my 15 year old ds has long hair. to his shoulder about, bit like Richard Fleeshman's, maybe a bit longer. Dont think he has been asked to tie it up! wouldnt bother him though if he did.

JenumGeranium Tue 24-Jan-06 13:56:14

My ds2 has an angelic choirboy look about him too!

In his playgroup photo he looks so angelic and sweet!

Well they do say looks can be deceiving!

brightstar1 Tue 24-Jan-06 13:56:34

Aloha,It was his decision to grow his hair not mine & it does look lovely.He has people saying things to him(not nice),children have pulled it in the playground,but he won't let me cut it, i really admire him for sticking to his guns and i dont want him to have it cut because of peer pressure!! I think it has made him stronger and more confident. He also gets a lot of compliments btw and is v. popular at schl.

Aloha Tue 24-Jan-06 13:59:36

yes, but you were the one who said he would be humiliated by tying it back! I think the school have a good point and I'm sure they insist on the same thing for girls. If keeping his hair long is more important to him than the embarrassment of tying it back, then that's your answer. I just don't see the big deal tbh.

brightstar1 Tue 24-Jan-06 14:05:25

It's not a big deal Aloha,if they ask girls with shoulder lenghth hair to tie it back.iyswim. Obviously i can see their why from a safety point of view.
Might see if he can use a bandana.

Meanoldmummy Tue 24-Jan-06 14:06:47

My hubby's hair is 2ft long and he wears it tied back. Nobody laughs at him (well, only me)

brightstar1 Tue 24-Jan-06 14:11:32

Meani, Does he do gymnastics,

Meanoldmummy Tue 24-Jan-06 14:12:51

No...he goes running a lot though - but it's always tied back anyway! He looks like Tarzan with it loose, he couldn't possibly go out in public like that.

brightstar1 Tue 24-Jan-06 14:14:17

tarzan! wow better go your making me go wobbly!

hana Tue 24-Jan-06 14:14:40

at my school any long hair has to be tied up or back, girls or boys

brightstar1 Tue 24-Jan-06 14:22:52

Meano, out of interest. what does he tie his back with?

PeachyClair Tue 24-Jan-06 14:29:31

There's a kid at school (a boy obv!) with long hair, blonde, looks just like a rock star and all theothers want to be like him. DS1 especially, but as he has curly hair it just ain't hap'nin

I'd be straight with him: I like your hair, but if you are going to do Gym you either need to cut it off or tie it back. Kids need to understand choice restriction, and neither of those options is impossible to change, hair grows after all.

ntt Tue 24-Jan-06 14:32:45

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suedonim Tue 24-Jan-06 14:32:57

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Meanoldmummy Tue 24-Jan-06 14:44:12

dh ties it back with plain black/navy hair bands. You can get the plain black ones at Boots I think. Although he has been known to borrow a nice girly scrunchie off me in an emergency

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