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Undescended testicle at 1yr - advice please

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islandbaby Wed 25-Jan-12 19:52:25

My son was born (full term) with undescended testicles. At the GP check (I can't remember when that is... about the same time when they tell you you're fit to start exercise again etc so maybe 12 weeks?) she said they were there.

I've thought nothing about it again until the 1 year health visitor check and she said that she thought they still hadn't descended, but I sort of shrugged her off and said the GP had said they were ok.

But I've been checking them over for the last two weeks, and now I'm starting to think they HAVEN'T descended. I certainly haven't felt any little baby testicles in there at any nappy changes/bath times.

I'll take him to the GP tomorrow/next week, but I just wondered if anyone has had a baby with undescended testicles at 1 year who can tell me how things went for them, please?


JKSLtd Wed 25-Jan-12 19:56:51

DS1 had undescended testicles, he had an op (orchidopexy) at about 18mo (would have to look it up to be sure) to 'descend' them.
It didn't entirely work, one side was fine, the other stayed semi-descended.
We've been back to see the consultant once a year since then and she signed him off last visit - he's now 5.

He does have a small willy & a small sac - she said when puberty hits it should all sort itself out size-wise (though of course we won't see, and I'm sure he won't be sharing!) so that is my only concern for him now.

The op was very straightforward - day patient, GA, came back up all groggy but came round had a drink & some food, we went home, he slept and was fine.
We were nervous wrecks! And you can hardly see the tiny scars already, so they will be invisible when he's a teen/adult.

Do push for a referral though.

legobuilder Wed 25-Jan-12 20:07:47

my son had one undescended, and had the op at 13months. He defo has two now, though life the above poster I'm not sure if he is a little smaller than most - and I doubt if I'll find out since we don't live a nudist colony...!

A word of warning if he has the op - my lil boy got the mask thing on to put him to sleep, and went all relaxed and floppy, and then suddenly started screaming and panicking, before going limp. It was f***ing horrible. The op went fine, and he came round groggy and cranky and confused, and was fine the next day. So not a day I remember fondly, but a successful op and good prep for any future ops my children may require?!? hope not!

Good luck - terribly worrying when they're not "perfect", and makes you feel so helpless. Hope the doc/HV can advise and that all is well.

islandbaby Wed 25-Jan-12 23:08:37

Thanks ladies. One other question...

how do you know they had small willies comparatively? Just from seeing other little ones?

God, I'd never even thought about worrying about his penis size, now I'm wondering how his compares...

JKSLtd Thu 26-Jan-12 13:54:53

Yep, when DS1 was about 8months - when the HV first mentioned it, nothing had been said at birth or early on - I asked another mum of a boy if I could 'have a look' next nappy change blush She was fine about it but I was a bit gobsmacked by the size of the willy & the size of the sac double blush

When I had DS2 (emc-s) and they brought him round the screen, I said to DH 'it's a boy', he said 'are you sure?' and I said 'err, yeah, definitely sure!' his bits were huge in comparison!!

I do hope DS1 will get bigger with puberty as I feel bad for him - not now as he's totally unaware - but for the future.

porcamiseria Tue 13-Mar-12 11:03:07

Oh shit, my little man has the same too. have been searching. he also has a little willy too, bless it. he is 18 MO

I am just really upset as (a) higher risk to testicular cancer and (b) fertility

good to find this thread

so we need to worry re willy size?? is it linked?????

TwoJackRussellsandababy Tue 13-Mar-12 11:21:45

My son has the same issue, only one testicle descended, he's five months now. I thought that there was something quite not right, but it was confirmed at his 12 week check at which point his GP referred him to a Paediatric Surgeon, who we are due to see next week.

From my reading of this it is important to get it sorted out within the first couple of years so I would push for a referral, there is a very very very small increase in the risk for testicular cancer and if both testicles are undescended for fertility, but not if there is one down (you can tell I've been reading about this...) and tbh I would expect that if he has to have an op getting it done before he is two means he'll not know that there was anything different.

I can't comment on his penis, from the limited look I've had at friend's babies, DS doesn't seem to be smaller, but as I say, I've not really had a chance to properly compare.

silvio2310 Mon 08-Aug-16 16:36:01


Im Silvio, I got my son whos 16 month old. and he got the orchidopexy. Just wonder if any one can give me a good Hospital in London specialised on this mater and the name of a consultant. Lots of delay with my surgery I need to sort it out as soon is possible. Very stressful and "fear". any help is welcome. Thank you in advanced. Kind regards


ps you can contact me even here

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