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Drawing spirals - always wondered if this was normal!

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Wallace Fri 13-Jan-06 13:07:59

When dd was younger than 18 months she used to draw spirals all the time. She would concentrate so hard that her hand would shake, and her tongue was stuck out - it was amusing to watch!

I was just wondering if anyone else's toddler did this....not concerned or anything, but I have never come across another child of that age who does this. I know there are a lot of toddlers on here very good at drawing, and I wondered if this was a stage that they went through too. Just interested!

Wallace Fri 13-Jan-06 13:37:51

Nobody then

gladbag Fri 13-Jan-06 13:44:51

Wallace my ds was exactly the same! All he would do was spirals, and he concentrated so hard. That was when he was between 16 - 20 months.

I think it was parly because he was so fascinated with wheels, but couldn't form a circle. I love drawing with him and tried to encourage lots of other pattern making (spots, stripes, waves, zigzags etc - we even bought some storybooks to encourage it 'My mum and dad make me laugh' is a great one for spots and stripes) and now (23 months) he makes all sorts of different marks and patterns. It is a fascinating process.

He has just started doing some vaguely representational drawings, which again I find fascinating. These are mainly cars. He draws two big circles "wheels", then 2 tiny circle "lights", then 2 diagonal lines "doors", then a big circle all around them "car!". I'm going to start keeping a scrapbook of his drawings.

Hope this answers you question. Great isn't it, having a toddler

flossismum Fri 13-Jan-06 13:53:08

my dd loves to draw spirals too, but i'm not sure about the concentrating till you shake part!!! Definately a tongue sticker outer though!

Wallace Fri 13-Jan-06 15:57:11

Thanks for your replies

I knew she couldn't be the only one!

Mar04 Tue 24-May-16 04:12:14

My Bb is 18 months and she also is drawing spirals and circles.

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