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Order of baby teeth appearing

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notpodd Thu 01-Dec-11 21:08:25

DD3 is teething out of order. She has 4 top incisors, only 2 bottom incisors, 2 top molars and now seems to be cutting her bottom canines. Is this a problem? My instinct is not to care, but can it have any problematic ramifications?

DMChristmasCakes Thu 01-Dec-11 21:45:31

DiddyDragon didn't get her teeth in the standard order. Haven't noticed any problems so far, but then she's only 3.

Albrecht Thu 01-Dec-11 22:45:41

Ds has 4 on the top, 3 on the bottom and 2 top molars.

I have visions of him always having a gap where that 4th bottom one should be.

(ie I'm watching this thread!)

NickNacks Thu 01-Dec-11 22:54:02

Oh I was going to post a similar Q at some point.

Sorry I don't know teeth names but DD has cut her front bottom two, then front top two just this week (she's 15mths) and now has a gap of two teeth at the top right and then her 5th is cutting through. hmm

ElectricSoftParade Thu 01-Dec-11 22:59:36

Personally, I would say not to worry too much how they present. DD didn't have one, not one, until she was two. She was bald as well. Still thought she was lovely but I would smile.

Happily, she is now nearly six and has hair and teeth!

sprinkles77 Thu 01-Dec-11 23:10:12

I wouldn't worry. The order can vary a bit. Middle bottom, then middle top, then the next ones along at the top. Then next ones at the bottom. Then first molars bottom then top. Then canines bottom and top. Then last molars. Process can start any time from birth and is usually complete by aged 3. But massive variation is possible, not only in timings but in order. My son got his lower first molars at the same time as his lower second incisors.

camdancer Fri 02-Dec-11 00:42:21

DD1's teeth appeared out of order and relatively late. My Dad, a dentist, said it is absolutely no problem. The order is just a guide and variation is very common. Plus what is anyone going to do about it? You can't go in there and yank them out! smile

bagelmonkey Fri 02-Dec-11 01:22:04

DD has three bottom teeth, no sign of any top teeth yet....

bagelmonkey Fri 02-Dec-11 01:23:09

Baby dentures?

Pigglesticks Thu 15-Dec-11 08:20:52

My DD was born with two top canines and one top incisor. Now (10 weeks) the bottom molars are coming through and the top front are clearly visible under the gums. I took her to my dentist who looked at me as if I was insane for worrying and said random teething patterns were quite common. Worried about how weird my tiny baby's going to look though!

bex2011 Thu 15-Dec-11 12:48:33

Pigglesticks- my dad was born with teeth. Apparently he had a full set of teeth by the time he was one and my Gran would often get stopped in the street to make the baby smile!!

My DS has his two front bottom teeth. He has the second two teeth on the top, but not the middle ones. It really is a case of 'all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth'!

naturalbaby Thu 15-Dec-11 15:19:39

my 10month old has one bottom tooth and one top incisor. it looks v.strange!

Reenypip Thu 15-Dec-11 16:25:08

My baby boy is 7 months and his bottom 2 front teeth are on the way through. From what people say and books, I heard that's common to have front ones first.

ThighsTheLimit Thu 15-Dec-11 16:27:21

This is the eruption order, but in reality, my kids teeth appeared totally at random.

TheLaineyWayIsEssex Thu 15-Dec-11 17:34:57

Ds 12.5 mo has 11 teeth.
Order: bottom middle two, followed by next two bottom incisors. Front middle incisors were next, then the other two top incisors. He has 3 more towards the back of his mouth which I think are first molars as too far back to be canines.
I think we are cutting number 12 (the last first molar) then hopefully we will get a long break.

Mrskbpw Fri 16-Dec-11 13:36:04

My younger son got his teeth in a funny order too - he got his molars first, when he was 12 months old, which explained the horrendous four months of teething before anything happened. He's 23 months now and still doesn't have all his teeth. I think he looks like a Halloween pumpkin (but very cute).

samanthaquino Thu 09-Nov-17 08:57:09

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