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HELP. 2 yr old beyond hysterical when washing hair

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allag Thu 24-Nov-11 19:00:45

She literally gets so distressed she invariably ends up throwing up all over the bath. So it is not just a tantrum, it is more than that. She has never had a remotely traumatic experience like soap in the eyes or whatever - she is my second and I have had plenty of practice....I have always made sure i am super gentle, that there is no water on her face, always towel on hand, etc...Tried toys, bubbles - she is impossible to distract. I JUST don't know what to do. It has now made her terrified of having a bath, too - as soon as she hears the bath running she starts running away and screaming hysterically. Shower would be even worse - she wouldn't come near it. I don't know if anyone has experienced similar but I am desperate for advice - I don't want to make it worse and develop into some sort of a persistent phobia but I have to wash her hair at least occasionally! I am now doing it as seldom as I can so most of the time she walks around looking like she needs a But it's the vomitting that really upsets me - it is proper distress. Thank you in advance

BabydollsMum Mon 19-Nov-12 22:54:04

Dang, just noticed this is a really old thread too, but hey, there's my advice for what it's worth!

GeetTallBird Tue 20-Nov-12 20:17:14

We agreed today, that she would go in the shower all on her own tonight, I wouldn't be in the bathroom, that there would be no shampoo, it was just a wetting hair shower time. we didn't think there should be any need for either of us shouting or crying and I am so happy to say that she went in, hummed and sang her little heart out in there! I sprayed her wet hair with princess Vosene Spray afterwards and it went so well!!! I am so delighted! Fingers crossed for Sunday smile

spaceangel1382 Wed 21-Nov-12 18:04:42

Try swimming lessons for her. It gave my DD so much confidence in the water

GeetTallBird Sat 24-Nov-12 15:01:07

I tried swimming but she hates it sad never mind, the shower is one step there!

GailTheGoldfish Sat 24-Nov-12 19:51:31

Dry shampoo for the meantime maybe? There's one called Batista or something like that from Boots.

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