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6 month old with bowel problems

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NoodleBugs Thu 24-Nov-11 12:06:31

Hi all. Am hoping someone can offer me some advice.

My 6 month old EBF DS has had problems pooing since he was born. He was born my emergency CS and had antibiotics without a couple of hours of being born. He had meningitus at three months old (thus more antibiotics) and a secondary infection which needed a second hospitalisation and more antibiotics.

He has never poo'd regurlarly. Without medication he would go every 4 days or so, and would clearly be in considerable pain (writhing, screaming, unable to sleep) which would get better as soon as he poo'd. His stomach was hugely bloated (I have some photos which still make me cry now when I think of how much pain he must have been in). He would literally scream and writhe constantly for two of three days at a time.

We took him to the GP many times only to be told he had colic (magic colic which was cured by pooing!) and that EBF babies should only poo once a week. Whilist I appreciate that some do, THIS baby clearly needs to go more often!

During his most recent hospitalisation the antibiotics gave him diarrhea. We spoke to a hospital doctor who suggestde that should he go back to not pooing he could be given suppositories. He came home and went straight back to his old self and a GP did finally give him suppositories. He instantly seemed better and was so much happier - No bloating, writhing or screaming in pain.

As we didn't want to have to give him suppositories every day the GP eventually agreed to give him lactulose which was then changed to movicol as he had awful side effects form the lactulose.

Over the last couple of weeks he's gradually got worse, and we also needed a repeat prescription so we went back to the GP again this morning. He basically told me that I'm being a hysterical mother, and that there's nothing wrong with him. He's dropped the dose to half a sachet once a day, even though we explained that this wasn't enough and didn't work. I'm worried now that he's going to go back to how he used to be and can't bear it.

His stools are almost always soft, he just can't get them out! I'm tired of being told that as his stools are soft there's nothing wrong, and feeling like I'm a useless mum who is worrying over nothing, but I can't bear fom him to be in pain.

The doctors keep telling me he'll get better when he's on solids, but he's only six months old! It'll be quite a while until he's off milk, and even then, solids could make it worse.

Sorry this is so long, but any advice would be most gratefully recieved. I feel really lost sad

fuzzypeach1750 Thu 24-Nov-11 12:09:44

I'm sorry you feel lost sad someone very sensible will be on soon with an answer im sure but I'd it was me I'd take him down to a and e. Turns out it's one of the quickest ways of seeing a specialist. ( a and e Sunday and specialist this afternoon for recurrent nosebleeds). Hope everything works out for you. smile

fuzzypeach1750 Thu 24-Nov-11 12:10:49

And just remember, screw the doctors. As a mother you know best grin

NoodleBugs Thu 24-Nov-11 12:25:38

Thanks Fuzzy. We did think about A&E, but I didn't want to feel fobbed off by another lot of doctors. That, and I would hate to take up time when people really need it.

Am starting to think it might be the only way to get any help though!

daytoday Thu 24-Nov-11 12:53:47

Hello there,

Poor you. What a rocky ride you have had so far but hopefully things will start to improve soon.

My daughter had terrible constipation and straining issues from 7 months onwards. She had piles and then almost became phobic. She was given movicam, by doctors, which helped. It eased up by time she was 2.

When she was 2 we discovered she had a hernia in her tummy. She'd had it since birth but undiagnosed. A hernia is simply a hole. Very commOn in groin in babies but can get them anywhere down central shaft of stomach. This hernia was the underlying cause of her toilet problems. It hurt so much when she strained, she would become hysterical.

We only discovered the hernia as it became enlarged and we could se and feel it protruding.

A scan would reveal if your baby had hernia.

Not sure if this helps but I wish I'd discovered hernia much earlier as it would have saved DD so much pain.

Trouble100 Thu 24-Nov-11 15:12:13

What I nightmare for you and I sympathise.

My EBF daughter had constipation from about 2-8 months old. Doctors kept telling me that breast feed babies don't get constipation and I kept saying but this one does. Anyway, the lactulose did the trick (sorry that this doesn't seem to have worked for you) and eventually we were able to wean her off it and she was fine. We only needed the suppositories when it got really bad. We were lucky and had private medical which enabled us to be referred to paed and then on to bowel specialist and a scan. Actually, they mostly said 'keep up the medication and let's review it in a months time'. These all came to nothing, they found nothing and it eventually resolved. So I would say to you, it may end up being nothing but you should not let them fob you off and don't let them make you think you are being a hysterical mother.

Re: solids - our experience was that it did initially make it worse and she would be in extreme pain after some root vegs (and I would avoid bananas for a while as they can produce constipation initially). But you are able to control their diet a bit more easily and give them something that will help pass things through eg pear, prune juice etc so it probably will help.

Good luck and I hope he gets better soon

NoodleBugs Thu 24-Nov-11 19:00:21

Thanks Daytoday and Trouble. I guess I need to keep going back to the GP and hope something gets done. And in the mean time hope he gets better, not worse!

brettgirl2 Fri 25-Nov-11 09:33:34

You need to demand referral to a paeditrician initially dont let the doctor fob you off. If you are convinced that this is not right then it isnt.

ClarryKitten Fri 25-Nov-11 14:17:56

ok first thing to do - buy the book 'gut and psychology syndrome' by Dr Natasha Campbell Mcbride (she also has a website). its excellent and describes entirely what is happening with your son and how to treat it. She has a clinic in Cambridge.

Essentially, your son will have an abnormal gut flora (due to antibiotics etc.) its very treatable. The antibiotics, whilst probably saving his life will also destroy the bacteria in his gut - bacteria he needs to digest food properly. Most GPs are clueless and will fob you off.

Emmylou71 Sat 25-May-13 00:54:44

I'm going through something very similar with my 7 month old son. I appreciate this is an old thread but would love to know the outcome.

CabbageHead Sat 25-May-13 13:29:57

I hate hate hate these so called medical professionals that treat you like a hysterical mother (i too have had that problem, so frustrating!)
Could ur bub have a bowel obstruction? I wld def push for a referral for scan or maybe thru a&e.. U live with ur bub 24/7 so u know if they are not comfortable. Have u been to an osteopath at all? I would recommend osteo or bowen therapist, they get that the gut is underlying link to many medical issues.
I would also change gp, if they are not listenign to you find one that will. I now go to a clinic with mainly female doctors that see lots of babies and mothers they are so great and i really find them supportive. (Most if them are mothers themselves which helps so much!)

DorisIsWaiting Sat 25-May-13 13:56:08

Hi OP,

A really good resource for continence issues (constipation is included in this!) is Eric

It may be that your ds has stretched his bowel with the constipation which would result in his bowel not being as effective as a bowel with normal tone. It takes many month for bowel tone to return to normal when it has been stretched.

Another option to consider is dietary intolerances.

My dd1 constipates when she has dairy or soya (she had similar colic type symtoms and distention when she was small) . DD3 also distends and constipates when she has dairy. DD1 has been on fairly hefty doses of movicol but is back down to 1 sachet a day with a well controlled diet. It may not be the case but diet changed certainly worked for us (dairy definitely passes through breast milk).

DorisIsWaiting Sat 25-May-13 13:57:21

Just realised this is another Zombie thread there seem to be alot around today!!

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