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Any tips for keeping a nappy on a 2 yr old at night?

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jasminesmummy Wed 04-Jan-06 08:38:39

Hi all, any tips welcome, little so and so keeps taking her nappy off at night and then I find a wet bed!

acnebride Wed 04-Jan-06 09:01:39

oh dear this sounds tough! hope someone else comes along. 2 nappies?

rummum Wed 04-Jan-06 09:06:32

can you still get vests with poppers under the crutch in her size??

Blackduck Wed 04-Jan-06 09:10:03

If she is anything like mine poppers won't stop her...ds does this too....He strips off and wees (not all the time) but its a pain in a*se when he does...

fennel Wed 04-Jan-06 09:12:41

is she toilet trained in the day? if so perhaps consider a potty by her bed and maybe she'll use it?

both mine refused to wear night nappies about 2 weeks after being dry in the day, and we started with a very handy potty, then moved the potty to the bathroom as they got better at finding it in the dark.

HappyNewFrannyandZooey Wed 04-Jan-06 09:14:46

A friend used sleepshits with poppers up the back, or a grobag also seemed to do the trick.

Laura032004 Wed 04-Jan-06 09:15:08

Some people suggest using the wraps that you use with reusable nappies. The poppers are at the side, so more difficult to pull off. You can get the Motherease Airflow wraps in Waitrose (or on the internet ) You wouldn't need to wash them everyday if the nappy hadn't leaked - just air them during the day, and wash weekly or so.

HappyNewFrannyandZooey Wed 04-Jan-06 09:15:23

OMG I meant sleepSUITS ROFL sorry

uwila Wed 04-Jan-06 09:31:54

Duct tape the nappy on. Go round her waist a couple of times. No way she'll get that off and you can cut it off in the morning.

Afriend of mine had a little girl who used to take her nappy off at night. One night it was soiled and the little one smeared the contents all over her bedroom walls.... and out came duct tape.

jasminesmummy Wed 04-Jan-06 09:32:59

Hmmm - Might try Sainsburys for some popper vests! Sleep/nightime is a whole othe issue - see my post under sleep re; cot bed - bad move?

heavenis Wed 04-Jan-06 09:53:20

I put my ds2 in pampers easy up nappies on a night when he did this. He hasn't done it for a while and has huggies nappies on a night again.

colditz Wed 04-Jan-06 09:58:04

Pair of pants over the top of her nappy?

colditz Wed 04-Jan-06 09:58:30

swimming costume in bed?

Furball Wed 04-Jan-06 09:58:55

M & S also do popper vests age 2-3.

bambi06 Wed 04-Jan-06 10:02:22

a child i cared for used to do this so in the end it was put nappy on backwards!! tape around it and a all in one sleepsuit..we`d find her in the morning sitting there trying to work out how to take it off..try those fleecy all in one zip sleepsuits.theyre better than the popper ones

Jbck Wed 04-Jan-06 11:03:58

DD used to do this around that age & we tried the pull ups at bedtime instead, were using them during the day anyway for toilet training. She felt less babyish & didn't bother taking them off. Although I do like the duct tape idea & the sleepshits too

jasminesmummy Wed 04-Jan-06 12:23:43

Hi all, Thanks so much for your suggestions. LOVE the shitsuits idea . Actually tried sellotape last night but the little wretch still wriggled out. Tried Pull ups and she gets those off even faster. Haven't tried the swimsuit idea but I might, with a vest over the top - so far a vest is the only thing that defeats her! Failing those, duct tape sounds good! I'll keep you posted on progress tonight!

HappyNewFrannyandZooey Wed 04-Jan-06 12:26:49

I am really sorry about the sleepshit thing although must admit it is making me weep with laughter every time I think of it (I am easily amused).

I do hope you find a solution...

SleepyJess Wed 04-Jan-06 12:26:51

these are absolutely fab. We have three for DS age 5. I will probably keep buying from this firm forever (or as long as DS is in nappies which will probably be forever ) now I have found them.

poppiesinaline Wed 04-Jan-06 13:05:03

PMSL at 'sleepshits' Am literally CRYING with laughter.

harpsichordcarrier Wed 04-Jan-06 13:14:09

this thread gets the prize for teh most (unintentionally) hilarious...
I am really enjoying the notion of wrapping sellotape round a toddler
needs must I suppose....
how about a pair of tights? would she be too hot

jasminesmummy Thu 05-Jan-06 12:21:49

Well I bought some pop up bodysuits from M&S (I did ask for sleepshits but they don't stock them !) and last night she didn't even try to take anything off (sods law!) watch this space....

Jasmum Thu 05-Jan-06 18:54:35

We had this problem with our DD, we used to go into her room before going to bed and put a pull up on her while she was still asleep.....she used to stand up and lset us do it and get back into bed and fall asleep and she soon stopped doing it.
i found its all phases at this stage.

emanspiks Wed 25-Jan-06 10:24:32

my 2 were the same and i use just plain sellotape and it worked a treat ( brown thick one)

amyd2 Wed 25-Jan-06 10:48:10

i've just laughed so hard at the sleepshits so hard i now have tea all over me and it came out my nose sorry for the detail but you deserve it for making me laugh so much.

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