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13 month old peeing through nappy at night

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Eleanora Wed 26-Oct-11 11:14:00

In the last few days my DS who usually sleeps from around 7pm until 6/6:30am has started waking up crying at 4 or 5am with an absolutely soaking heavy wet nappy and pee leaking onto his vest/ sleepsuit. He loves his milk and has an 8oz bottle before he goes to bed but has been doing this for months. Usually his morning nappy is heavy but not this bad. He is in size 4 pampers baby dry. I have tried size 4+ huggies (the stay dry ones for night) but this doesn't seem to help. Otherwise he is well and fine and no problems with leakage during the day.

Would you try other brands or sizes, or cut down his milk or maybe we should change his nappy when we go to bed at around 10:30?

TheLaineyWayIsEssex Wed 26-Oct-11 11:38:43

I am having the same problem with my ds 11mo. He wears size 4+ huggies ( he is 10 kilos) but often wakes up soaked but the nappy not all that wet.
I was advised to put 2 nappies on at night to keep the first one in place and also to prevent the clothes getting wet. 2 nights in and it was worked so far. The 2nd nappy isn't wet at all but seems to keep the other one in place more.
I tend to make one higher at the front and the other higher at the back.
The stay dry ones should be ok for 12 hours.
As you say the nappy is full, perhaps rather than cutting down his milk ( assuming he always drinks it) perhaos reduce the amount of fluids he has in the evening slightly. My ds drinks a lot of water and have noticed that his nappies are a lot fuller when he hasn't been to nursery as I offer him water very regularly throughout the day.

Pickle1234 Wed 26-Oct-11 11:47:18

I always found that my DD was leaking through both Huggies and Pampers, we have started using Asda's own brand.. Little Angels, half the price and double the thickness! Honestly worth a try, you wait until you feed the difference in padding.
Since using them we have had no more leaking nappies!

Chundle Wed 26-Oct-11 13:05:38

Lidl or aldi nappies are the best

Seona1973 Wed 26-Oct-11 13:47:43

I always found huggies leaked more than pampers - why not try the 4+ (or even size 5 if he is within the weight range) pampers if you were already using that brand.

Eleanora Wed 26-Oct-11 13:54:24

Thanks for the replies. Looks like we need to experiment with some new nappies...

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