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Is it 'normal' for a one-year old to have tantrums?

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Enid Wed 29-Oct-03 21:54:22

I mean really proper ones, rolling around on the floor, crumpling to the ground, crying hysterically? Dd1 never did so I am completely unprepared and feel a bit at sea.

She had one today because she wanted another box of raisins and I said no. It was at a friends house too so doubly stressful

Jimjams Wed 29-Oct-03 21:57:00

oooh we have tantrums over raisins as well (ds2 is 21 months). He charges to the bin/cupboard/ wall and throws himself on the floor. He also rolls around like I am the worst mummy in the worls. Afraid to say I just laugh and say "call that a tantrum? You have a lot to learn matey boy". I'm sorry he just looks hilarious. (ds1's tantrums on the other hand are serious).

So yes I think its normal.

Enid Wed 29-Oct-03 22:00:18

It just seems awfully young to be that worries me a bit, I feel sorry for her too. TBH, I don't really know how to handle them.

Jimjams Wed 29-Oct-03 22:15:14

Ot's good- shows she knpws her own mind. I ignore them - or laugh when he looks funny. I do intervene with ds1 but only because he hurts himself.

Jimjams Wed 29-Oct-03 22:23:15

i am typing in the dark by the way......

Enid Wed 29-Oct-03 22:25:28

Thanks jimjams that makes me feel a bit better, I feel I should know what to do to help her but I dont motherhood eh.

elena2 Wed 29-Oct-03 22:29:32

My ds1 started tantrums on his 1st birthday, and I've lost count of the numbers since!
His Grandparents say it is because he is bright, and gets frustrated easily.

I would say it is a good sign, that she is bright and knows her own mind.

Metrobaby Wed 29-Oct-03 22:45:17

Enid - my dd's tantrums started just before her 1st birthday. However the good news was that by the time she was coming on for 2 years they had reduced considerably. I reckon she used to get frustrated that she couldn't get her strong opinions across but as her communication skills improved with age so did her tantrums. Mind you at 3 years she does sometimes have the odd one here and there usually when she is v tired or hungry.

bossykate Wed 29-Oct-03 22:54:02

enid, there's little new on mumsnet...

have a look at this , and this .


saintshar Wed 29-Oct-03 22:59:03

My youngest Son who is 19 months, started having tantrums at 12 months. It has got worse each month that goes by. My DS1 didn't really have tantrums, so i am not used to this. He used to hit me, his Dad, brother, brothers friends - in other words ANYONE who he comes into contact with.
Ignoring him does work to a degree - It's more difficult to stop his brother reacting to his tantrums though. I find it is tiredness and frustration that triggers them. He doesn't talk too well yet, and i can see he wants to tell me something, but can't explain it.
Trying to stick to a routeen? with afternoon sleeps, and trying to get him to `explain` what he wants, i.e saying "show me what you want" really helps.
Sorry it's long winded - it's my first post as well!!!!!!!

Enid Wed 29-Oct-03 23:05:22

Fantastic! You got so much good advice bk. I am very bad at searching the old threads before I start a new one, but I do sometimes, honest!

She is an incredibly social being and loves to 'join in' wherever she can - I do think a lot of this is due to communication frustration - but she says mumma and book (well, boop but it means book) so obviously she is the brightest baby in the world maybe that should be on boasting thread

Enid Wed 29-Oct-03 23:06:41

thanks saintshar, I agree they are worse when she is tired or thirsty (for a drink of water), strangely.

rainbow Sat 01-Nov-03 12:45:02

I copied this out of my childcare book. I know she is a little younger thatn this but...

Behaviour at 2 years old

How she behaves: Negatively. She may have shown signs of resistance and stroppiness before the age
of two, but at two and a half, she develops an attitude with a vengeance. She likes to follow her
rituals and do things her way and is furious if you interrupt him. Sometimes she doesn't know
what she wants to do but knows it isn't anything you've got on offer, even, incredibly, the park
or an ice cream. It's hard to make her happy although funnily enough there is a sense of humour
lurking - due to emerge closer to three.


CountessDracula Mon 03-Nov-03 15:45:31

Enid my dd started tantrums at about one. Her favorite is when we say no if she is trying to take the sky card out of the digibox. Her little face crumples up, her bottom lip wobbles and she has a complete howling fit (dh and I hide behind cushions laughing as it is just so funny! We always feel mean but she has to learn and we don't want her to see us laughing)

Queenie Mon 03-Nov-03 16:34:15

My ds is just 13 mths and has a fierce temper when he can't get his own way - real screaming and the odd attempt at slapping if he is physically removed from the tv or stereo when he is trying to push the buttons. Regret he may have inherited my temper!

oliveoil Tue 04-Nov-03 12:36:16

I was going to start a thread with this exact title! My little angel has turned into a devil since her birthday last week, as if she thought 'a ha, time to rebel'. Bedtime is the worst, screams and arches her back, bottom lip out etc etc. Hoping its a phase...

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