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argumentive 7 year old...

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liverLadyLass Tue 25-Oct-11 10:02:56

if i ask him to do anything he takes hissy fits pulls faces while im trying to explain his behaviour isnt accepatible,tells me to shut up that he hates me,lenghens words with attitude and roars at me,he finds scareing his sister whos three very funny,and just blaitantly argews me for anything and everything all the time,im know shouts back and looseing my temper,ive even smacked him ;( which i hate and feel so bad afterwards,the only thing that works and only sometimes is his dad.but he has his own business and is away untill late and besides that i want to be able to control his behaviuor without threatening him with his dad, hes know even attacking me kicking me etc when he looses his temper if he cant get his own way,if his dad or papa tell him to behave he does,but when i ask him to behave he gets worse and give me check by saying to me not to give him check.., im at my whits end with his behaviour..his nan for the first time see his behaviour and backchat yesterday when she was helping me with the new house as she stood up for me and told him that she would rattel him backside if he spoke to me like that again and he basicly said,, so what nan.. and later said if his nan had not of interupted he would not of been that worse.. he was never like this always had resect for his family and was a very well behaved little boy i feel hes getting his teens early lol,, he did say that his friend behaves that way i which i told him he still had a choice to not copy.. and that we dont speak to each other that way.. any ideas of getting my boy back to his usuall self?? sorry its long ...

liverLadyLass Tue 25-Oct-11 10:05:02

sorry cheek not check..

StaceymAloneForver Tue 25-Oct-11 10:08:28

I know it's been done a million times but have you tried naughty step/chair and persist until something clicks? Also reward charts for no shouting/cheek/scaring his sister, with a reward toy/magazine after a week of stars etc?

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