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DS's foot points out to the side

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LittleMilla Tue 25-Oct-11 09:35:40

My DS is almost 6 months old and was breech. I am getting quite worried about his right foot that sticks out, almost at right angle. His left foot faces forward, with a small amount of turn out, but his right one is very pronounced.

I keep on thinking that it'll correct itself, but I have a niggling worry that it won't. I add in about him being breech because I'm worried that this might affect things - his hip check at 6 weeks came back fine.

He's now starting to crawl and it's always out with the inside of his foot on the floor. He's able to tuck his toes under on his left foot. And when he stands, it's always facing out.

I'm planning to take him to the GP. But would appreciate anyone else's thoughts/experience. Not sure if this is normal or am I being paranoid?

curlycreations Tue 25-Oct-11 13:39:33

yes take him to gp and get him referred to physio and then you can maybe get some exercises to stretch one side of the foot --or reassurance that all is ok

GooseyLoosey Tue 25-Oct-11 13:41:08

I don't think you need to worry but would get it checked out and see if there is anything you can do. One of my feet sticks out a bit and always has and as I have got older, I have had some problems with my knee as a result of this, so best to try and get it sorted now.

LittleMilla Tue 25-Oct-11 16:48:38

Thank you curly and goosey. I am going to call GP first thing and see what they say. Just been to see my SIL and nieces - youngest is 3 months older than DS and is having a referal for her foot and hip. Might need to be put in a cast. So SIL said that IF there's anything up with DS it's much better to sort now. My darling niece is crawling/standing and trying to walk, so they're worried about how frustrated she'll get!

jjazz Tue 25-Oct-11 21:30:44

My DS's left foot was markedly turning out when he started to toddle/ cruise (pre walking stage). (I didnt notice that it looked abnormal whilst crawling though). He was very late to walk independently-18 mts and I worried that his foot was influencing this. I took him to the GP who (after looking it up in a paeds book!) reassured me that it would correct itself once he began to walk. He was not breech thought he was overdue and a big baby in a 5ft 0in mum!The outcome seems to be that the GP(s text book) was absolutely right. He has now walked for 3 months and there has been no sign of the foot turning out for ages- it sorted itself out really quickly.
Hope you are telling the same story in a few months time.

brawhen Tue 25-Oct-11 21:43:47

Hiya - my DS1 (now 4.7) had a turned out foot/leg. He wasn't breech, but was a late-ish walker (about 17-18mo). He always sat & crawled with one foot turned the 'wrong' way, and it was quite noticable when he was cruising etc. I went to GP after nursery started asking me if they should be doing any special exercises for him!

We had a paed referral (GP suggestion), but it took a few months and by the time we went (he must have been 20 months ish and walking well by then - I remember him running down corridor in the consultation as they tried to observe him) it had almost corrected itself. Paed said that correction often happens by itself as muscles strengthen and bone calcifies. They didn't treat - I think it was fairly obviously a non-issue by the time we got to the clinic.

At 4.7 you can't tell at all, and you haven't been able to for ages.

Definitely go and ask - much better to have a professional opinion even if it does all come right by itself.

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