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Help - What's happening with my 6yo DD? Any developmental spurts I should look out for?

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Sugarbeach Tue 25-Oct-11 07:17:36

Where to start.....
First, in the month of August, she suffered from acute constipation which went undiagnosed for weeks and we ended up having to go to hospital...long story short...I'm now managing the constipation with lactulose, high fibre diet and plenty of water -although success is limited to her being a VERY fussy eater.

Then she was diagnosed with bilateral inguinal hernia a few weeks ago - this was caused by the straining during constipation...I am still extremely upset about this and trying not to beat myself up over it. Now we are not sure whether to operate or wait and see - keep hearing conflicting (professional advice) - she's a growing girl and I'm hoping that the hernias might resolve themselves without surgery.

Then within the same time frame, she had a random nose bleed for no apparent reason. She's also started sneezing and sniffling a lot as if suffering from allergy of some sort.

Today, I noticed that she had some new faint broken veins on her now I'm googling to see what's caused that....

Has anyone else had similiar experience where their LOs health seems to go down a spiral?

At the moment, I'm thinking she's a growing girl and perhaps the fussing eating, the constipation and associated lack of appetite has meant that her body is suffering. I'm just trying to manage the diet and constipation and constantly explaining to her that she needs to eat a good diet to be healthy and beautiful. I'm also taking her to see an osteopath and hopfully that'll help with the constipation and getting her body back to balance.

BTW - we moved to the UAE just over a year ago and I can't decipher whether these things would have happened in the UK anyway or is part influenced by the environment in the UAE. Her fussy eating is even more limiting as we cannot find certain brands she is used to and she will not eat alternatives....

I won't go into her worsening stubborn, defiant, argumentative behaviour - that's another thread.

Literally at my wits end. Please share any similar experiences. Any thoughts/advice greatly appreciated. TIA.

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