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How to introduce baby to a stranger

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Marabou Mon 24-Oct-11 14:40:15

My baby is 25 weeks today and I will be going back to work part-time when he is 29 weeks old. I will be working three days a week and two of those days I will be working from home for 6 hours each day. DH will look after DS on the day when I work from the office and one of his aunties will look after him on the days I work from home.

I'm a bit concerned about the days when I work from home, because I've started to notice DS is a bit wary of strangers and unfortunately he hasn't had a chance to really get to know his aunty. Due to her schedule before I start work, she will not be able to come round that often and therefore the chances to introduce DS to her properly are quite slim.

Although I will of course be at home when DS is with her, I won't be able to fully concentrate on working whilst taking care of him at the same time and I'm quite anxious to see how DS gets on. I was just wondering if anyone has experience in stranger anxiety and how long it might last until DC get used to new people and what might I do to ease this phase for him.

Many thanks!

Octaviapink Mon 24-Oct-11 16:17:06

Well, you need to take advantage of the times she's available as much as possible to get them used to each other. The main thing is that it might be hard for all three of you - her having responsibility for him while you're still there. You will need to behave as though you're not there and not be involved at all, otherwise her job will be impossible. Children need to know who's in charge.

Marabou Mon 24-Oct-11 16:25:04

Hi and thanks again for your reply (I think you helped me with DS sleep issues earliersmile).

So I shouldn't come out to check on him at all while his aunty is with him? Uu that's going to be hard to hear him crysad...

Octaviapink Mon 24-Oct-11 17:56:00

It will be hard at first - others may disagree but I think you will have to let her discover a way for her to soothe him that doesn't involve you...

Marabou Mon 24-Oct-11 21:47:40

Hey thanks again and I do agree that eventually he will have to learn to be comforted by other people besides myself and sometimes DH.. I just realised the back to work-board might be a more appropriate place for this thread so I have re-posted it there...

Iggly Mon 24-Oct-11 22:26:38

I think you should gradually withdraw - if you're at home this should be easier. So leave after half hour/hour, get him earlier then increase the time away. You should allow for this in the first two weeks of work - I did this with DS's nanny.

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