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10 year old DS Bullied

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mumof2monsters Fri 21-Oct-11 22:57:22

My DS is 10 and is the youngest in his year (needed to add that as he is a little immature emotionally. For the last couple of weeks he has been having trouble at school. He would come out of school moody and argumentitive which is very unlike him. Turns out that some of the boys and girls in his class are name calling him. They were picking on two girls in the year but the teacher had a word with the whole year group and it stopped but now they are picking on DS.
It is name calling eg: don't sit next to him he has fleas etc. I know that this may seem silly and I have tried telling him to ignore it but he is finding it hard. We have had the odd occassion where he did not want to go to school.

He is particulary friendly with two boys one of which is his best friend but even the other one has not been kind to him.

DH and I spoke to his teacher and a few days ago again the teacher spoke to the class(did not name names) and said bullying has to stop but still DS is having problems.

It was the school disco tonight and he got ridiculed as he had dressed up for halloween and most of the others hadn't. The usual boys were calling him loser and this made him sad and upset.

I just do not know what to do now. I feel like confronting these boys and telling them they are making my son's life a misery I am so angry. I know it is only name calling and I have said to him that he needs to toughen up a bit as next year he will be in big school but I am concerned that this will affect him.

He is a very bright boy and always does well at school and the two ringleaders are both the "naughty" boys in the class.

Please can someone give me advice on what to do next because I am really worried about him. He is normally a chatty sunny natured boy who can sometimes be a bit bossy and I am sure that may annoy the odd boy but he is my son and I feel so sad for him.

Sparklyboots Sat 22-Oct-11 00:01:39

Sorry darling, I have no experience but am sure someone will be able to help soon. I just wanted to let you know that you are not speaking into empty space and there are probably more than one or two lurkers silently wishing you and your DS all the best, but like me not really able to help because of lack of experience. I'm sorry that you and he are having a hard time at the moment, he sounds lovely. It's great that he can speak to you about it and keeping that line of communication and empathy open is probably the most important thing you can do. Good luck, I'm sure someone will be along soon to help you out.

Eaglebird Sat 22-Oct-11 00:04:18

Ask for an appointmnent to see the head teacher as soon as you can.
This bullying must be nipped in the bud before it gets out of hand.
Tell the head the names of the culprits. Speaking to the class as a whole has not had any effect, so the class teacher or head teacher needs to speak directly and privately to the culprits, and involve their parents if need be.
Suggest to the head that you meet again after, say, 2 weeks to discuss progress. Hopefully, you won't need the follow-up meeting as everything will get resolved.
Good luck.

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