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Five year old wont let me out of her sight unless she has to ...

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MCDL Fri 21-Oct-11 16:58:30

DD 5 since May who slept on her own, fed herself has turned into a baby. What is going on with her ... Sleeping with her, feeding her, help ! the tail is wagging the dog .... She has been the most independant girl untill this summer took unpaid leave from work and hung out with her for the Summer. She loved the baby sitter coming and loved to be left not anymore. She wants me to do everything and is relunctant to get DP to do anything. She sees DP as a playmate. DP thinks she is controlling me and wants to put a stop to it .... Even though all this everything else with her is great. She is in High Infants in school (her second year) and loves it .. Going on the bus this year, an hour of afterschool and home on the bus .... Last Friday we announced we were going out, she hit the roof but after a while settled into the idea, bb sitter came, no problem going to bed .... Any advice on why the sudden the change would be greatly appreciated ...

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