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Toddlers and Daytime naps

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BlackCatinaWitchesHatonaBroom Thu 20-Oct-11 17:33:58

DD has not been having naps in the day for a month or so now (might be longer than that) So I am a little concerned that today she is having one.

My question is: Is it normal for them to have a daytime nap out of the blue?
(She is nearly 3 years old)

Has anyone else had their dc do this at a similar age?

Bossybritches22 Thu 20-Oct-11 21:42:11

Totally normal,probably just playing catch up after a busy week or a restless night.

When my DD's were that age they often had a nap once or twice a week, then go months without.

She could also be fighting a bug so best let her have extra rest to help throw it off!

Enjoy the peace!

AnxiousElephant Thu 20-Oct-11 22:00:36

Yes, dd2 stopped at approx 2.5yo then we realised that her behaviour was getting worse and she flaked out after about a month - we went back to a nap every other day of 45 mins, which worked well. The other day dd2 (now 3.6) fell asleep but it was because she wasn't well.

My dd1 needed a nap until 3.11 and would still have one after school if nothing was going on! grin She is now 5.9!

SeamStitch Thu 20-Oct-11 22:14:04

My 2.5 year old DD stopped having naps after lunch for about a month or so, she has now had a bit of a growth spurt and has started pre-school a few mornings a week and is exhausted and is back to 2 hours every afternoon. I think its great, I get some peace again!

AngelDog Fri 21-Oct-11 22:22:05

Yes. smile It often takes months and months to completely drop the nap.

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