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Please help, desperate with 5 month old

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Beaver80 Wed 19-Oct-11 10:53:35

I am totally desperate, my happy smiley 5 month old has suddenly become desperately unhappy and I can't do anything with him.

He was sleeping through the night and having regular daytime naps - I could put him down in his cot when I knew he was tired and he would put himself to sleep. Suddenly on Sunday night he was awake every 2 hrs crying, and he didn't want to be fed just comforted back to sleep. He also now refuses to sleep in his cot during the day, he just screams when I put him down even if I know he's tired. He just seems ridiculously overtired but will only sleep if I take him out in the buggy, and he often wakes from sleep and immediately screams because he still seems really tired.

Could he be teething? He has been chewing lots for weeks. He doesn't have a temp or isn't dribbling excessively, but he does seem like he's in pain because I just can't put him down without him crying and he won't smile. He's feeding normally (breast) and doesn't seem any hungrier than usual so I don't think it's the onset of weaning.

Sorry to ramble on, I'm just so tired and I hate seeing him like this. I feel so upset, I'd be very glad to hear any advice please.

Rogers1 Wed 19-Oct-11 11:54:47

Sounds like it could possibly be teething... If you are still in doubt (mummy instincts know best) seek advice from your HV or GP.
Teething granules are excellent...

Shaz2011 Wed 19-Oct-11 12:00:51

He could be teething or maybe he could have colic when I had ds1 he had colic & wouldn't sleep without being cuddled or pushed in buggy but if you are not sure talk to your hv

ohanotherone Wed 19-Oct-11 12:05:42

What about a ear infection?

Octaviapink Wed 19-Oct-11 13:29:03

He may just be going through a clingy/developmental phase and it's just a question of seeing it through. However if he is teething/ in pain, have you tried him on Calpol or anything? Does it make any difference? Will he fall asleep on you rather than in the buggy?

Beaver80 Wed 19-Oct-11 15:05:39

I've just been to the doc's and she diagnosed a slight viral infection, it seems crazy that something so innocuous sounding could cause so much grief! She advised calpol at night and some nasal drops as congestion could be causing him to wake up so fingers crossed that should help. She didn't think he was teething.

Thanks very much for all your replies. I'm just really hoping that he goes back into his routine after all this craziness.

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