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bed wetting regression in reception

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hophophippidtyhop Wed 19-Oct-11 06:18:55

DD1 was 4 at the end of august, and has just started school. She loves it, teacher says she has settled in well, but for the last 4 nights has wet the bed. She doesn't have a drink in the hour or so before bed, and goes to toilet before going to sleep. Not sure what to do as when she potty trained I just stopped the night nappies and she didn't wee. I'm sure it must be because of school despite being settled as the only other time she did this was when we moved house, though not as much.
I never used training pants but wondered would it be worth doing temporarily or would it be bad to do that to her? Should I just continue inwardly groaning and smiling when she comes in at 3/4/5 in the morning having wet the bed?

MayDayChild Wed 19-Oct-11 06:43:06

Double make the bed with towel in between and bed mats so you're not remaking in middle of night.
It's common I think my DD was 4 in may and isn't dry yet anyway.
Don't do training pants
She's very tired or may even have a mild infection.
She may not be drinking enough during the day at school so explain how important this is to her

hophophippidtyhop Wed 19-Oct-11 07:13:31

I did wonder about the drink thing - she has a carton of milk in the morning and a 300 ml bottle of apple juice that I know she drinks, but the bottle of water she has is often hardly touched. Will have a word with teaching assistant to encourage her. |Just seems strange after having been dry at night since she was 2 1/2 apart from the odd incident.

flossymuldoon Wed 19-Oct-11 10:15:43

I wet the bed pretty regularly until i was about 7 and wet myself a couple of times year in school up to then too. It only started happening once i started school.
I know it is a long time ago but my Mum was told by the doc not to limit any liquids but to take me to the toilet when she went to bed which is the thing that finally worked. The theory was that i was sleeping too deeply for my brain to tell me that i needed to go to the loo as i was so tired from school, or maybe found school a bit stressful.

Mum just used a mattress protector and probably inwardly groaned and smiled the whole time she was changing my bed smile,

As an adult i still pee once an hour so maybe my bladder is not very big either.

hophophippidtyhop Wed 19-Oct-11 10:31:47

i've sent her off today and explained about drinking more water.She my well be in too deep a sleep, as before she has woken up and gone to toilet in the night. Will see what happens next. Thanks for all the advice.

Dannygirl Wed 19-Oct-11 22:22:19

Hi hophop I was on mumsnet looking for any advice on exactly this issue! DS turned 4 in August, in Reception, no issues with accidents before but this week he starts having accidents, both daytime and nighttime. His teacher hasn't noticed anything unusual, he hasn't seemed upset, doesn't seem ill. I am not sure how to handle it! Encourage / praise / reward when he is dry?!! So I am sorry I can't offer any advice but maybe we can keep in touch on this thread. Good luck!

makeminemango Thu 20-Oct-11 14:43:57

Hi hophop and Dannygirl. I have a son - turning 4 in December- who is also in the same situation! He has started nursery early October and has wet the bed about two or three times a week since then. He has been going to nursery since the age of 8 months (yikes that sounds young!) and is potty trained. But even recently he was still having a half hour nap in the afternoon so maybe he is just really really tired. Any other advice or do I just have to wait it out. I am exhausted!

hophophippidtyhop Fri 21-Oct-11 16:58:52

Today is the first she drank more water at school - on the last day before half term! she did wet the bed last night and was extremly tired - she went at 5.30, and also has an ear inection, so will see what happens over the week off and when she goes back! Very frustrating when she was dry both day and night within a week of going into knickers.

sleepingbunny Fri 21-Oct-11 18:07:39

my dd is just the same (four and a bit) . Was fine, then back to preschool and wetting again. Must admit she's back into nappies for now. I think she is just so tired that she sleeps really deeply. We'll try again in a few weeks. Glad to hear it isn't just me

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