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DS(7) is wearing me down

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debbie27 Tue 18-Oct-11 09:42:06

Hi, I feel so cross this morning! My DS who is 7 has been invited to a playdate after school with his friend he has known since age 4 and decided this morning he doesnt want to go because "he wont be able to talk to his mum". He went into complete meltdown saying he wasnt sure about it, he feels like he wont be able to talk to the mum. I said he didnt have to talk to the mum apart from "please and thank you". He's a shy and anxious child anyway but its obviously worrying him about another parent talking to him. I really cant understand it. I will be there too as taking DS2(4) too. I told him to think about it during the day today and let me know after school for def. He's gone into school all upset and worried. He's got like this before, if we have visited friends, he refuses to go into their house and goes into a complete strop. tbh its pretty embarrassing. I know he will come out of school saying he doesnt want to go and then I will feel cross because I cant understand it. What is so bad about going to your friends to play? Do you punish this kind of behaviour or forget it like nothing's happened. I feel if it carries on he wont have any friends at all. I just feel something isnt right with him... is it silly to explain this sort of stuff to a GP, I feel I need some professional advice?? Im sure its not normal at his age.

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